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The Dark Sin of the Mathematicians

The truth of the greatest betrayal of all

  1. The dark sin of the mathematicians (6,225 bytes)
  2. "Dedicated to N.N." (5,404 bytes)
  3. The plus sign of death (2,059 bytes)
  4. A modest proposal (1,814 bytes)
  5. "Bring me the head of John the Baptist!" (7,184 bytes)
  6. Judas in despair (5,331 bytes)
  7. The long dark night of the Passover (8,352 bytes)
  8. Coda (1,234 bytes)
  9. On feeling cross (10,088 bytes)
  10. Non plus ultra (1,113 bytes)
  11. Cracking the Diabolical Code (4,879 bytes)
  12. Five theories on JFK (6,118 bytes)
  13. Tres Nombres (12,292 bytes)
  14. The matter of proofs (13,435 bytes)

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And the disciple asked: "Do you have anything to add?"

"Things without number" Zen Master Goto said.