Cracking the Diabolical Code

Mathematicians are fond of using the ancient Greek alphabet, though it survives nowhere else. Beyond the descendants of the Greeks and a few friends of ancient literature, the Greek alphabet with its alphas and betas is used only by mathematicians, and by physicists and others who have borrowed the practice.


Mere brute tradition is not an explanation, for there have been much greater revolutions in the manners of writing since the time of the Greeks; and to use a wholly different set of letters was costly in the pre-digital times, and is bothersome now; their use requires memorization of their names and shapes, and does not improve the clarity of an already obscure system of notation.

Why should mathematicians have persisted in using this profitless and awkward collection of letters --- unless there was some hidden profit and pleasure in them.

It is well-known that the Greek letter tau is a symbol for crucifixion, being a common shape of the device so used, and the origin of "stauros", the Greek word for it. Similarly, in a tradition that stretches from the old Greeks to this present day, mystics have maintained that as the letter mu is a shadow of the continent Mu that was destroyed aeons ago, so the letter alpha, the first of the letters, stands for Atlantis, the first of the kingdoms of man. The letter theta stands for death; the letter omega for the end of the world, and omicron for the death of the individual. Psi denoted dominion over the mind; lambda dominion over the body; upsilon dominion over the soul. Those three combined were an amulet against evil; or in the wrong hands an invitation for all that what would possess the soul of a man.

The letter sigma, which stands for enlightenment and illumination, was occasionally combined with the tau to form a new ligature, stigma; its meaning was "the crucible of illumination", a spiritual process that resulted either in death, or in a powerful understanding of the world and its component parts; according to Paracelsus the process was began by piercing one's palms with brushed lead spikes, leading to a fever-inducing heavy metal poisoning, the so-called "Three Days of Living Death".

The letters epsilon and delta together stand for citrinitas and rubedo, the two final stages of the Great Work of Illumination (Magnum Opus Tenurebritas), which reputedly uplifts a man into godhood: the former turning his heart to stone, the latter consuming his physical body and the bodies of many others to feed the deathless astral body. (Certain stories come to mind; dark stories of the last day on this earth of Carl Friedrich Gauss, called the Prince of Mathematicians by his people, and the Prince of Darkness by others.)

With these and other meanings of similarly sinister nature, is it a wonder that a secretive profession might prefer to keep ways to telegraph their foul meanings without spelling them out loud? One can only wonder what blasphemies and mockeries are hidden in the constantly churning sea of mathematical papers and publications: certainly little of practical use comes from that source. What is the remainder, if not then a code hidden in plain sight? What are its contents then, if not damnable blasphemies and a diabolical conspiracy against the whole human race?

I call on the good, decent, God-fearing men of Elsevier, of the American Mathematical Society, ArXiv, JSTOR and the like, to stand up and reveal what they know of this hidden iniquity. That part of mankind which is not mathematicians, their lackeys or their hired killers will applaud their courage, and their valiant stance against the oldest conspiracy of all.

If one but tells us who the Five Primes of the North American Continent are, or names the Seven Primes of Europe --- the Three Primes of China --- then mankind has a fighting chance against its oppressors. If someone but tells us the specifics of the code, their communication will be broken, and we can beat them before their plotting resumes. It takes only one brave man --- or a woman --- to stand up and say: "This paper is not about partial differential equations! It is the confession of the man who shot John F. Kennedy, the theta of our time --- and it names the three tenured Ivy League professors of mathematics who paid him to do it! Oswald didn't do it --- a graduate student did!"

There must be people who have noticed a curious turn of phrase, endlessly repeated, or an unusual remark; or an arrangement of the damned letters and symbols that repeats more than any actual use would need. Mathematicians are clever and ruthless, but they make mistakes, too; they are only human, in the end, not telepathical pre-human demons out of Atlantis! Ha! Ha! Ha!

If mathematicians are in fact telepathic supernatural beings out of Atlantis, we may indeed be lost.

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)