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Some people are binge drinkers, others occasional supergorgers. Then there's the worst lot of all, those damned binge writers. Those assholes! Stop polluting the earth with your endless, boring, self-indulgent twaddle! Twaddle!

(Aoi Jones)


Who, I? Call me Masks of Eris if you want to. Or Mirrors of Eris. Or Mr. M-of-Eris if that is better. (Not Ms. M-o-E; and not Eris either. Being mistaken for a woman is kind of nice, but weird. Actually, more weird than nice. And being called "Eris" is like someone addressing a nun, a bride-of-Jesus, as "Jesus", except less so.) Who I am is actually irrelevant. Like much of other humor and weirderie around the net, my stuff should not depend on the fool spouting it. That is, after all, why Anon is such a popular source of quotes.

I am a Finn, though: a person of Finland. This may explain something. I am also a graduate student of mathematics... boy, that certainly explains a lot. Gradients and caffeine overdoses are good for getting into certain peculiar headspaces. I identify as a skeptic, an atheist, a humanist, a humorist, a materialist, a liberal, a science cheerleader and a fan of everything unusual and obscure. Some of these opinions may raise their heads from time to time, though most often the last one. Also, a PZ Myers / George Carlin brand of atheist; not one of those accomodationist types.

If it helps you, these are some people I look up at, adoring a part or the whole of their lives. Isaac Asimov, Kiyohiko Azuma, Ambrose Bierce, Jacob Bronowski, George Carlin, my dad, Hugleikur Dagsson, Richard Dawkins, Paul Erdös, Bill Hicks, Hansi Kürsch, Till Lindemann, H.P. Lovecraft, Gary Larson, Tom Lehrer, George R.R. Martin, mom, PZ Myers, Phil Plait, Terry Pratchett, Carl Sagan, Charles Stross, Rumiko Takahashi, J.R.R. Tolkien, Esko Valtaoja, Robert Anton Wilson --- and I hope I didn't mis-spell any of the names or I'll be feeling pretty stupid for days.


Some of the content on this site --- the entirety of the "Fictions" page, to start with --- has been previously "published" on Masks of Eris, my blog over on WordPress. Some of the stuff from there has been tweaked, expanded, combined and/or redacted for its presentation here; for example, the names of the five Illuminati Primi of Finland have been removed.

A lot of the stuff here --- say the latter half of the Dark Sin babble, and the Interfaith shenanigans --- have been written expressly for this site. As has been the honest story of Atlantis, which no link except this and one on the site map links to. There are other pages like that one, too. Call it a treasure hunt approach to web design, if you so want.

At least 98% of what's on offer here is written by me. All you see here is by me unless otherwise attributed, except a few fleeting one-liners and obvious allusions that wouldn't have been improved by it.

Oh, and this:

Creative Commons License.

All this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0 Finland License. For attribution, either use one of my pseudonyms and nom-de-plumes or make up one that sounds like a likely source for the bit you use.

(A few possible as of yet unused pseudonyms here.)


Why all this, then? Well, simply because I like H stuff. (And while that is also true, I do not mean "Japanese pornography"; Mai-chan's Daily Life and things like that.) With the "H" I mean "humor"; or "humour" if you are British, or "hummor" if you are bad with spelling.

I think there's great pedagogical value in laughter. To joke well about something, you have to understand at least a part of it. If the subject is something nonsensical or wicked, understanding that will make one's jokes easier, and more likely to show that nonsensicalityness or wickedynessity to others. Humor is a great leveler. A cat may look at a king, like the proverb says, but that does not mean a thing unless the feline can laugh at the king's nudity too.

Which is all very hoity-toity and noble --- but the fact is, I am easily amused, I don't believe in unthinkables or unspeakables, and I have a very low tolerance threshold for the stupid bullshit of others. As a consequence, I tend to make jokes, occasionally rude ones, about things I do not agree with. It may not help that I also make jokes about the things I most love: hey, these pages contain a theory of mathematics as a Satanic conspiracy, and mathematicians are my own people, and more beloved to me than any other similar division of humankind! (Not that Satanists are particularly bad, either; they just have bad PR.)

Also, a lot of conspiracy theory and theology is pretty: horrible and horridly impossible and far-fetched, but pretty. It amuses me to spin neutered versions of those visions.

How about this: All this is fiction, and all the characters are fictious. (Aoi Jones especially; she's a totally made up stand-up comedian; not, like Eddie Izzard, a stand-up comedian with make-up.) These fictious people include the ones named Moses who are prophets of a people called Israel, and the ones named Jesus that happen to get crucified. Several of the words used here are, actually, fiction too, made up for this website. Freedeum! And the sentences are a fiction too. Blar narmer kippash! And the paragraphs!

Oh, and obviously this all is a parody. A giant joke! Few things are as useful for getting away with things as parody. Oh, and fair use and study and the like. If anyone asks this was all set up by my evil twin. And the Illuminati! They're trying to discredit me because I know of their plan to turn Sweden into jell-o! Soylent green is people! It's an inside job --- I was framed --- the magic bullet --- Olof Palme shot Kennedy --- MK-ULTRA! --- Elvis shot Oswald --- The pink elephants told me I am not mad! Not mad!!! etc. etc.

So, finally: should you go away enlightened in a subtle but fundamental way? That, I think, or then wondering about all the weird crap that's in here. Luckily hidden enlightenment-triggers and weird crap are almost impossible to tell apart.

Go have a look at the FAQ; not that that's going to help very much.

Oh, and the name?

"What are the Mirrors of Eris?"

Well, Eris does not have mirrors because of vanity. No, it is because she is fond of funhouse mirrors and limited reflections; because she knows in a perfect mirror image left is right and right is left, and people rarely notice that. Also, it is said vampires do not appear in a mirror (because of this, most are clean-shaven; barber gymnastics will end badly if done blind), and in these mirrors the good honest truth will be something quite unreflected.

Also because a "mirror" is a copy of something else on the net, and some 30% of the content here (and with each update, less) is "mirrored" from the relevant posts of my blog, Masks of Eris. (The comics over at Lemmata are not, not at this time anyway.)

Also, Masks of Eris, Mirrors of Eris: it has the same nice ring, no? Despite being google-snurted by some droidy phone, that is, and by other mentions of the goddess and the planetlet. (To add insult to injury, the Droid Eris phone is sold under that name only in the distant US of A; in Finland, if it is to be found at all, it is a Droid Hero, which in a just world would be a justly forgotten 80s Star Wars game and nothing more.)

To be really clever, I should make up a word like "snurtlet" which has no Google hits at all, and name this site "snurtlet" (all in lowercase) or something; but that would be too much aesthetics lost for a little bit of utility. (Then again, in a few weeks you can google "snurtlet" and here you come; unless some impressed soul decides to blog about "the snurtlet method of quick reference".)

Peer into the mirrors of Esnesnon then, traveler, and see what you will.

And a tech note: This all is hand-crafted HTML and CSS. No JavaScript, no ten mile long superfixes that I don't understand, and no mercy for IE 4.x users! Optimized for Firefox 3.6.10 on Ubuntu 10.04; should work on most all other browsers but will lose some shine. (IE users especially; the radial gradient at the top of each page can't, as far as I know, be done in IE. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, some smaller browsers; but not IE and not Opera.)

(Works with w3m too. Which means, yes, if you have no CSS, you can still read this site. I think. Maybe.)

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You need to contact me, you lobs mail towards "webmaster", then the at-sign and then, naturally, mirrorsoferis dot com. (Now let's see if I get spam.)

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