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Okay, a word of explanation. This stuff is old. Over ten years ago, in the closing years of the previous millennium, yours truly was in high school, and a convergence happened. A convergence of excessive lack of focus and creative outlet on my part; and of extensive in-group weirdophilia on the part of me and several others. A bad joke got out of hand; and a few months later we had a shared affinity for quylthulgs, blob creatures from ZAngband, a Moria- or Nethack-like computer game.

I don't know the origin of these creatures, though I suspect they were created for ZAngband or some predecessor of it and not borrowed from a real work of fantasy (the "Z" was for "Zelazny", as in the author of the Chronicles of Amber, and the source of 20% of the beasties). This suspicion of mine comes from their rather... haphazard nature. Really, teleporting, monster-summoning flesh blobs whose leader is called Qlzqqlzuup? That's less Roger Zelazny or Tolkien (30% of the creatures in the game), and more a hobby programmer with a monster niche to fill. That didn't stop them from becoming our mascots; and in the below text, the culmination of my personal fascination, stars in a holy book of their own. As there was nothing I could find about the creatures, I made stuff up in a weirdly myopic way, not really thinking what I was writing or why. As a result, this text is not a joke; but it is not really serious either.

I guess the term I'm looking for is "abomination". Most creative urges of the high school age tend to be more or less abominable, I think; mine is just a lot more bizarre than the usual paintery and poetry, and more influenced by H.P. Lovecraft.

A fond memory of mine is once upon a time noticing there was a Wikipedia article for quylthulgs, and a link on it was to a paleolithic version of this text, now long offline. The reason probably was that outside the game documents there really is nothing about quylthulgs anywhere; not the last time I checked anyway. The link, and the article, quickly suffered just and harsh deletion; but it was nice to know my stuff has been used to improve Wikipedia, no matter how meaninglessly, temporarily and minutely. What percentage of people can "boast" the same without putting the link in themselves?

The spelling and style reflect the fact that becoming fluent with a second language takes a long time. I have updated nothing, because there's such delightful energy (well, that's the nice way to say it) in the scatterbrained clumsy rush of it all.

The Book of OEDE-Shoggog


[Part I] --- [Part II] --- [On compiling]

The Book of OEDE-Shoggog. Aeons ago written. Revered by and known to the Romans, the Greeks, even to the Assyrians. Held sacred by the forest-dwelling cults of Etruria. Entombed to the hidden halls of Carthage. Know to Plotemy and to Alexander.

Kept secret during the Middle Ages - treasured by the alchemists and the scholars. Burned by the clerics, and hoarded by the librarians.

In the age of exploration, near forgotten, but taken to India and to the Americas. Entombed to the reopened graves of Aztec kings. Left to the Inca catafalques. Chanted in the primeval woods of the North America.

Shunned by the feudal Chinese, embraced by the Japanese.

And in this golden age of information --- finally revealed.

The Book of OEDE-Shoggog, the Book of Infinite Wisdom.

* * *

The Book of OEDE-Shoggog (Part I)

According sources ancient and the hereditary knowledge of the quylthulgkind

* * *

First Chapter : The birth and childhood of OEDE-Shoggog

1.1 In the land of Vho so far away was once upon a time, before the beginning of the count of time and the starting of the Pulse, a child born.

1.2 The name of this child was OEDE, it is in the old and forbidden language: the Destiny.

1.3 This name was given to the child, because in the night of his birth had a messenger of the Elder Gods appeared to his parents, saying:

1.4 Take this child and name him OEDE, it is, the Destiny, for in the time which is to come he shall become his name.

1.5 And there was a great flash of light, and the messenger had gone away, and afterwards the parents had named the child OEDE.

1.6 And his parents were Pulsader, who was a peasant, and Minsann, who was a peasant's wife.

1.7 They both died of plague in the same year, the year OEDE was three years of age, and the child passed to his uncle, to the great city of Marak.

* * *

Second Chapter : OEDE-Shoggog in the city of Marak

2.1 And the uncle of the child, a merchant, Edu of name, took the child to him with a warm heart.

2.2 Nonetheless, he said:

2.3 Verily! OEDE is the name of this child, but I shall not take destiny beneath my roof, for I am not a great man. As long as I live, may the name of this child be Skog, One of the Forest, for as such he has come to me.

2.4 So the child came to the house of Edu, and was named, Skog.

2.5 And Skog grew in the house of Edu, and he became an apprentice to an ironsmith.

2.6 When Skog then was of twenty-two years of age, and had been nineteen years in the house of Edu, Edu himself died.

2.7 Then Skog when to his master, the smith, and said:

2.8 Thou hast called me Skog, as was the will of Edu, my uncle. Thou shalt now know, for my uncle is dead now, that I am free of his words, and from this on shall my name again be OEDE, it is, the Destiny.

2.9 But the smith shook his head, and answered:

2.10 Better would for you to be one of the forest, o OEDE. I see many things evil in this destiny of yours. And I shall not teach destiny to forge, nor shall I teach him any other skills to a smith belonging. For you would it be better to find some other way of life, but if you so wish, go and found your own smithy, but I shall not teach destiny.

2.11 Then OEDE went away from his master, away from the city of Marak, and travelled far east, until he arrived to the feet of the mountain of Xeno.

2.12 There he sat, and cried in a great voice.

* * *

Third Chapter : The Lament of OEDE-Shoggog and his Destiny

3.1 Oh! Why is destiny my name, he cried.

3.2 No one shall teach me, no one shall take me, for the destiny is not a kind visitor.

3.3 No one shall take me, or hire me, for the destiny is not an obeisant servant.

3.4 No one shall follow me, or glorify me, for the destiny is not a kind master.

3.5 No one cares of me, for no one can change the destiny.

3.6 Then there was a great flash of light in the skies, and a messenger of the Elder Gods came down from the skies in all his glory and splendor, and spake to OEDE:

3.7 Greetings, OEDE, whose name means, destiny.

3.8 Thou asketh of thy name, so know this: I have decreed it to thee, by the name of the Firmament.

3.9 Thou waileth of thy name, but thou shalt be remembered because of it.

3.10 Thou wisheth to deny thy name, but thou can not.

3.11 So listen.

3.12 The messenger raised his hands, and a great noise came from the heavens, and an odd vision was seen.

3.13 This is thy folk, the messenger said.

3.14 Then OEDE became greatly afraid, for the things had been strange, and grotesque to watch. Shaking with fear, he asked, is this truly my folk?

3.15 Yes, truly they are, the messenger said. Look not into them, but merely understand them, he said, and touched OEDE in such way that he understood.

3.16 And in that moment all became clear to OEDE, and he laughed in a great voice, and cried:

3.17 Truly, all is as it has been written! This is my folk!

3.18 I have been called OEDE, the Destiny, and it has not been a liked name.

3.19 I have been called Skog, One of the Forest, and it has not been a respected name.

3.20 From this on to evermore, my name shall be OEDE-Shoggog, it is, in the old language, the Revealer of the Destiny.

3.21 And it is a good name.

3.22 Then the messenger rose to high skies, and cried in a thundering voice:

3.23 Hear! Hear!

3.24 The unprotected have found a protector, the unguarded have gained their guard!

3.25 The lowest have been made high, and the misformed have been made beautiful!

3.26 Remember, the stars and the moon!

3.27 Remember, the earth and the skies!

3.28 From the Plains of Fate to the Desolate Forest, remember this one who took his folk.

3.29 From the Plains of Fate to the Desolate Forest, remember this one, who is OEDE-Shoggog, the Revealer of the Destiny, for he shall reveal to his folk its destiny.

* * *

Fourth Chapter : OEDE-Shoggog amidst the Chosen Folk

4.1 After this OEDE-Shoggog journeyed to his chosen folk, and the chosen folk worshipped him.

4.2 That folk had, however, an evil and selfish king whose name was, in the language of that folk, Qathoo.

4.3 And when this king heard of OEDE-Shoggog, he prisoned him, and chained him and had him brought to his throne.

4.4 And Qathoo the King asked OEDE-Shoggog:

4.5 Who are you, unknown, to be so much revered by the folk? Wherefrom you come, because you are so oddly proud?

4.6 And OEDE-Shoggog answered:

4.7 I am OEDE-Shoggog, it is in the old language, the Revealer of the Destiny. I have came from a place far away to revealer this folk its destiny.

4.8 Then the king was greatly angered, and began to think, but many others of his court also thought. The King said:

4.9 Odd you are to be a prophet. Tell me, have you came to bring some doom on my folk?

4.10 OEDE-Shoggog denied this, but the King nonetheless wanted to slay him.

4.11 One of his courtiers, called by the King only Qlz, it is the word dogs are called with, said out loud:

4.12 This is a great and wise man, o King. We must listen his words carefully.

4.13 And another of the courtiers said the same.

4.14 When OEDE-Shoggog heard this, he raised his gaze, and asked:

4.15 Who are you, you who defend me against the will of your King?

4.16 Qlz answered:

4.17 I am Qlz, a courtier of the King. Qlz is the word dogs are called with, for I am but a dog compared to my King.

4.18 And the another courtier said:

4.19 And I am lesser still, so minor that I have no name. I am the Nameless, and that is not a name.

4.20 Then the revelation filled OEDE-Shoggog and he cried in a great voice:

4.21 Truly! This King has doubted me, even if I come in the name of the Elder Gods. Before the sun sets this day, he shall fall down to never rise again.

4.22 But these two who have defended me out of their own free will shall be enthroned above all others.

4.23 After hearing this many more were convinced, but not the King. Again Qlz and the Nameless pleased mercy for OEDE-Shoggog.

4.24 Then the King was greatly enraged, and ordered his guards to slay OEDE-Shoggog.

4.25 And one of the guards took his sword, and struck OEDE-Shoggog so hard that his head fell off, and rolled to the floor.

4.26 And, rolling in the floor, it repeated its prophesy.

4.27 The King was greatly worried, and ordered the body and the head of OEDE-Shoggog be burned in a great furnace.

4.28 And even if Qlz, the Nameless, and many others disagreed, thus was done.

4.29 From the furnace rose a thick blanket of smoke, and it covered all of the kingdom, and the sun disappeared from the sight.

4.30 And in the last moment before the nightfall the smoke cleared, and a great wind arose.

4.31 In his throne-room the King was even more worried, for he remembered the prophesy of OEDE-Shoggog, and sent for his royal mages and seers.

4.32 And he asked them:

4.33 Tell me, o starwatchers and spleengazers: Shall I die today?

4.34 And many flattered the King, and denied and ridiculed the words of OEDE-Shoggog, but one old and wise wizard, called Zuu, said:

4.35 Truly, King! Ill and false have you treated the Revealer of the Destiny, and in that deed is your destiny revealed!

4.36 Truly, King! Thus it shall be as it has been prophesied, and before the sun sets this day you shall die.

4.37 And in that moment the last bell of the day struck, and King slumped down to earth, and died.

* * *

Fifth Chapter : OEDE-Shoggog and the Coronation of the Chosen Folk

5.1 A great cloud of smoke came from the skies, and amidst the cloud sat the spirit of OEDE-Shoggog.

5.2 And the spirit spoke to the folk:

5.3 Truly, my words have come true. The King is dead. I am OEDE-Shoggog, the protector of all of your folk, and the Revealer of the Destiny.

5.4 Then all of the folk cried in a great voice, and revered OEDE-Shoggog mightily.

5.5 And OEDE-Shoggog said:

5.6 This is my decree. The Nameless shall be the King, for the old King is dead.

5.7 And to ensure that he shall not forget the King's pride, lest become proud himself, he shall bear no name.

5.8 But nonetheless he shall be more mighty than any king, and thus he shall be called Emperor.

5.9 And to Qlz he said:

5.10 Listen me, Qlz.

5.11 The Nameless has became the lord of this land, but even mightier shall I make you.

5.12 For I am OEDE-Shoggog, the Revealer of the Destiny.

5.13 I shall reveal to you the way to the star, and I shall take you to many distant and faraway places and lands.

5.14 The Nameless, the Emperor, shall rule here, in this city and in this land, but in all other cities and lands you shall rule.

5.15 You have been called by the name of Qlz, the name dogs have been called with. From this on your name shall be another, a greater one.

5.16 And to ensure the other races would not value you more than your own does, I shall give you a name deep from the mind and memory of your own folk.

5.17 I shall give you a name from the stories and the legends.

5.18 Your name, Qlz, shall from this on and to evermore be, Qlzqqlzuup, the Chosen of the Stars.

5.19 And Qlzqqlzuup freshly named, and the Emperor, and all others greatly honored and praised OEDE-Shoggog.

5.20 And OEDE-Shoggog told them the way to the stars, and the folk grow great and strong, and expanded mightily and to large.

5.21 And the Emperor ruled in the first city of the folk, and in the all lands surrounding it, but in all other cities and lands ruled Qlzqqlzuup.

5.22 And over all others protected and guided OEDE-Shoggog, whose name is from the old language and means, the Revealer of the Destiny.

5.23 And he said: This is my chosen folk. Its name shall be of its own language, Quylthulgs, it is, the Chosen, for they have the Destiny.

Sixth Chapter : The first speech of OEDE-Shoggog to his folk

6.1 Iah!

6.2 Truly, OEDE-Shoggog was, OEDE-Shoggog is and OEDE-Shoggog shall be, till the end of the count of time, till the ending of the Pulse.

6.3 Long time ago was he born in the distant land of Vho, learned the skills of a smith, was sundered from his people, and enlightened at the foot of the mountain of Xeno.

6.4 He went to his chosen folk, he doomed and destroyed its false king, and he set the Nameless to be its Emperor, and Qlz, named Qlzqqlzuup by him, to be its overlord.

6.5 After doing this he spoke from the cloud of smoke:

6.6 Iah! Truly!

6.7 I am OEDE-Shoggog, the protector of the chosen folk.

6.8 And the chosen folk cried in a great voice, you are OEDE-Shoggog, our protector.

6.9 And OEDE-Shoggog said:

6.10 When I first saw the folk, it was rude and unpleasant to my eyes.

6.11 And then the chosen folk groaned, and dared not to look upon him.

6.12 But OEDE-Shoggog said:

6.13 But I have looked upon the chosen folk a second time, and seen it pleasing.

6.14 I have looked upon it, and I have raised it high.

6.15 I have become a protector to the unprotected, I have become a guard to the unguarded.

6.16 I have made the lowest high, I have made the misformed beautiful.

6.17 And then the chosen folk cried in a great voice:

6.18 Iah! Great and praised be OEDE-Shoggog.

6.19 OEDE-Shoggog is our god, the folk cried.

6.20 But then OEDE-Shoggog was angered, and thundered:

6.21 Truly! I am OEDE-Shoggog. I am raised you high, but I am not your god.

6.22 * I shall guide you, but I shall not rule you.

6.23 * You shall be ruled by the Emperor, and over the Emperor, Qlzqqlzuup the Mighty.

6.24 I follow the Elder Gods, and the you they would seem like gods.

6.25 Truly! When I sat at the feet of the mountain of Xeno, even their low messenger seemed like a god to me.

6.26 But they are no gods, and neither am I, a mere their shadow.

6.27 For, like I am but a shadow of the Elder Gods, likewise are the Elder Gods but a shadow of the True God, who I know not.

6.28 For we are but pagans.

6.29 And the chosen folk cried and wailed in a great voice, but OEDE-Shoggog continued:

6.30 But, even if we are but pagans and we know not the True God, we still have hope.

6.31 For you, the chosen folk, have the one who has chosen you, and made you high, even if you were rude and forsaken, and that am I, OEDE-Shoggog.

6.32 And I, OEDE-Shoggog, am not alone, for I know the Elder Gods, and the Elder Gods know me.

6.33 And the True God knows us all, and sees us all, even if we can not see or know him.

6.34 And in that moment a great lot of the servants of the Elder Gods descended from the skies, and the circled OEDE-Shoggog, and bowed to him.

6.35 And the folk rejoiced greatly, and mightily praised OEDE-Shoggog the protector and chooser.

* * *

Seventh Chapter : The division of the chosen folk into tribes

7.1 And OEDE-Shoggog stepped down from the cloud of smoke, and he was like he had been before, but in his eyes a great wisdom dwelt, and he was pleasant to view to the chosen folk, even if he was not like them.

7.2 So OEDE-Shoggog stepped down to the chosen folk for the first time, and walked amongst them, and he stepped to the highest tower of the palace of the Emperor, and from there spoke to the folk.

7.3 There were the words of OEDE-Shoggog to the folk:

7.4 Truly! I am OEDE-Shoggog, the chooser and the protector of the chosen folk.

7.5 I choosed you, when you had no one to do so.

7.6 And when I now look upon you, you are pleasing to view for my eyes.

7.7 And even if others should shun you, I shall not.

7.8 And even if others should scorn you, I shall not.

7.9 Even if others should hate you, I shall not, for I greatly and mightily love you.

7.10 And see! you are many and different, like every other people and folk many many and different ones amongst them.

7.11 And I, OEDE-Shoggog, your protector, have looked upon you, and seen what is good for you, so that you would grow and spread.

7.12 You, the chosen folk, shall be of five tribes.

7.13 One part of you, the part I have seen to long for the company of others, and is best suited to guide you, may stay here, in the great city of the chosen folk.

7.14 * But whenever you travel in great numbers to some place, take one of this tribe with you, for they are your masters and guides.

7.15 And I name them, the first tribe, master-quylthulgs, for they are for you, for the chosen folk - it is in your language, for the quylthulgs - masters.

7.16 To the second tribe I shall put these of you that feel great fire in their hearts, and over all other wish to defend you.

7.17 Their mission shall be to defend you, and to be your safety in the times of danger.

7.18 * But you others are, and none of you is, helpless. To all of you have the Elder Gods given an ability to defend yourselves, an ability owned by rare others.

7.19 * But this second tribe has greater endurance, and greater ability to defense, than you others have.

7.20 And the name of this second tribe shall be draconic-quylthulgs, like quylthulgs is the name of their folk, and draconic the name of the other folk from legends, known of that it they are fierce, and never give up.

7.21 * And they are like those of the folk whose name is draconic; they will fight with fierceness and to gain victory, and they shall not give up, even if they may tread long paths to win, and use others as their arms.

7.22 And to the third tribe, to the far-living one, I shall divide those who wish to be alone, and are not pleased by the company of the others.

7.23 They do not wish to be amongst their kind, so you they be without.

7.24 I send them to live in faraway swamps and bogs, I grant them the damp places and the watery holes, for I wish not to keep them here against their will.

7.25 There shall they dwell as the foremost guard of the chosen folk, at its farthest borders and loneliest places, and stand guard, should someone there pass.

7.26 And all the places of the dead I give to them, and all place wherein the dead live, and all places whereto the others have thrown things discarded and worthless.

7.27 And I do this to give these places and all other distant, and isolated, and shunned places their guards.

7.28 Shun this mission not, for it is not an empty one, and once you shall save all of the chosen folk from destruction because you guard the far-off places.

7.29 To the name of the third tribe I give rotting-quylthulgs, for even if they seem ruder than others of the chosen folk, their rudeness is beauty in my eyes, and they are equal with all others of the chosen folk.

7.30 Thus I give them distant places to live in, according their hearts, and a mightily important mission I give them.

7.31 To the fourth, and to secondly last, I break off these, who see no joy in cities and towers, off I break those who live outside them.

7.32 They are those uncommanded by kings and unruled by lords, for they know no other lords but hunger, their own hunger, and the beat, the beat of their own heart.

7.33 They shall live like they have lived to this day, in the great plains and in the mighty forests, wherein they have room to be as they wish, and may they rule themselves.

7.34 But I, OEDE-Shoggog, am still their protector, as their guide and safety.

7.35 * Because of that he, who I am have set the rule all of the chosen folk, is also their lord, and they must honor and obey him, should he so demand.

7.36 But he must not that often demand, for they are the wild and the free, and they shall so be.

7.37 And they may live, in the Plains of Fate, and in the Desolate Forest, and wherever they may go, may it be their land.

7.38 But the there tribes I have here named I give a forthright of the lands I have here mentioned, and to the fifth tribe I give their lands, and this fourth tribe must not intrude to the lands of the others, and not try the drive their owners out from them, lest the wrath of OEDE-Shoggog fall upon them.

7.39 And this fourth tribe I name nexus-quylthulgs, for like nexus is unstable and beautiful in its unstableness, and strong, they are beautiful and strong, and for the safety of the other tribes is the best that they stay in the great plains, and in the large forests.

7.40 And to the fifth tribe, the last of them, shall all others belong: those who wish not to rule, and seek no fight or fray, and wish not to be alone, and not to dwell in the great plains.

7.41 Heidän on asuman suurilla joukoilla, ja he ovat muiden tukipilari ja apu. It is theirs to live as great crowds, and they shall be the help and the hold others can brace themselves on.

7.42 For the first tribe can not rule alone, and neither shall it live alone.

7.43 Under the first tribe I set them, not as slaves but as servants, as their heirloom.

7.44 For the first tribe to tend I set them, for the second tribe to protect, and behind the safety-line of the third tribe, and surrounded by the fourth tribe I set them.

7.45 I set them to live in cities and in these places where the chosen folk lives in great crowds, for they are the pulsing heart of the chosen folk.

7.46 And thus it shall be.

* * *

Eighth Chapter : Heresy of Squu

8.1 After saying this OEDE-Shoggog came down from the tower, and the folk rejoiced, for every one of them felt in their hearts their own, chosen calling, and they saw that the division made by OEDE-Shoggog was good.

8.2 And they prepared a great feast to OEDE-Shoggog, and OEDE-Shoggog came, for he was in his bodily form, and ate.

8.3 The people of the chosen folk came also, and ate with him, even if different foods, for OEDE-Shoggog looked different, but not unpleasant, to them.

8.4 But when OEDE-Shoggog was eating and feasting with them, one of the chosen folk began to talk to the crowds, and he spoke mighty but evil words, and he claimed that the chosen folk should rule all other peoples and races, and the strongest and fittest of the chosen folk should rule all of existence.

8.5 And many listened his words and in their hearts turned to him, and forgot the words spoken by OEDE-Shoggog.

8.6 Then OEDE-Shoggog was angered, and left the feast.

8.7 And when some of the chosen folk went to ask why he had left, said he:

8.8 Mightily you have insulted me by proclaiming things I have not said and things that are false. How it can be that you can not ask me for guidance, even if I am here, in flesh amidst you, but you must go and make fools of yourselves, and bask in your idiocy while everyone can it see?

8.9 And they could not answer, and left OEDE-Shoggog alone.

8.10 The one of them that had proclaimed falsely, listened not the words of OEDE-Shoggog, but continued his evil speech.

8.11 Then OEDE-Shoggog cried in a great voice, and the chosen folk hurried to see if he needed them.

8.12 And OEDE-Shoggog said them:

8.13 Do you faithless still proclaim? Am I not OEDE-Shoggog, the one who has chosen you and made you high? Why do not you listen to my words, if you nonetheless celebrate me so mightily?

8.14 At hearing this the chosen folk was much saddened, and left OEDE-Shoggog alone.

8.15 And, even if the chosen folk wailed out loud and wondered at the harshness of the words said by OEDE-Shoggog, the one of them that had proclaimed still continued his speech.

8.16 And then OEDE-Shoggog was immensely enraged, and stepped out for his folk to see, terrible in his wrath, and the chosen folk cowered in terror.

8.17 OEDE-Shoggog said, his voice thundering:

8.18 Who proclaims here things outside my words?

8.19 He, who had spoken, stepped out of the crowd then, and said:

8.20 I am Squu, o OEDE-Shoggog, and I have proclaimed only things I have seen right and according your words.

8.21 And OEDE-Shoggog took and struck Squu down, saying:

8.22 Wrong hast thou proclaimed, and if thou hast seen thy claims to be right art thou a fool and an evil one.

8.23 Thou hast proclaimed things that are a heresy and an abomination to me and to all of the Elder Gods.

8.24 Wrong hast thou done, and because thou hast thought it to be good, art thou evil and twisted.

8.25 Thou I dispel and drive away, and all those who kept your words well I dispel and drive away, far to the corners of the world and beyond, to never again know peace or to have a home.

8.26 Cursed they shall be for ever, and even if I have chosen this folk, on their part I take my choosing away, and I drive and scatter them to the winds of the earth.

8.27 And at hearing this Squu, and all those who had listened his words and kept it well, fled away, and their names were wiped away from the annals of the chosen folk, and they became cursed and shunned for ever more.

8.28 And them OEDE-Shoggog named demonic-quylthulgs, for they were evil and dispelled, and the true spirit of the chosen folk was no more in them.

* * *

Ninth Chapter : The first counting of the chosen folk

9.1 After doing this OEDE-Shoggog decreed, that the number of all the tribes should be counted, and thus was done.

9.2 The number of all of the five tribes was counted, and marked down, and OEDE-Shoggog was pleased.

9.3 He chose an amount of them, two thousand in number, those he held most worthy of the chosen folk, and he sacred them to be his, and he rechose them.

9.4 Thus their lives were of OEDE-Shoggog, and OEDE-Shoggog was their lord and master, and taught them many great things.

9.5 And when this was done, OEDE-Shoggog rose to the skies in a great cloud of smoke, and left the eyes of the chosen folk, but not their hearts, and took the two thousand chosen with him.

9.6 And even if they did not see OEDE-Shoggog, his spirit was with them, and the prospered and became rich and mighty.

9.7 This is the number of the first count, the count which was done when OEDE-Shoggog walked amongst the chosen folk for the first time.

9.8 Of the first strike, the master tribe, was five thousand, and three thousand of them dwelt in the great city of the chosen folk.

9.9 Of the second tribe, the warrior tribe, was twenty thousand, and all of them left the great city to harden themselves so they better could defend the chosen folk.

9.10 Of the third tribe, the dwellers of the swamps and the places of the dead, was thousand in the city, and seven thousand in the other lands of the chosen folk, and those thousand who had dwelt in the city left it and went to the lands of the swamps and of the dead, and to other shunned places.

9.11 Of the fourth tribe, the wild tribe, was ten thousand, and no one of them lived in cities, but all of them were wild and free.

9.12 Of the fifth tribe, the root of the people, was fifty thousand, and of them ten thousand lived in the great city, and the others dwelt in the other lands where the chosen folk dwelt.

9.13 And of that crowd which had listened Squu and had been cursed and dispelled had been five thousand, but they were no longer counted amongst the chosen folk.

9.14 Of that crowd which OEDE-Shoggog had chosen for the second time and taken with him, was two thousand, and they belonged to no tribe for they felt their callings not, and the only voice in their hearts was the voice of OEDE-Shoggog.

9.15 And thus was the number of the chosen folk hundred thousand at that time, five thousand of which was dispelled, and two thousand blessed by OEDE-Shoggog and taken with him.

9.16 So was of the chosen folk ninety and three thousand left to the great city, and to the lands of the chosen folk, and they lived and prospered mightily.

9.17 This was the number of the first count of the chosen folk, which was done when OEDE-Shoggog walked amongst the chosen folk for the first time.

* * *

Tenth Chapter : The praise of Qlzqqlzuup

10.1 Truly! Truly! Great is OEDE-Shoggog, the protector of the chosen folk.

10.2 Great is OEDE-Shoggog, who is the servant of the Elder Gods.

10.3 Mighty are the Elder Gods, mightier is the One who Created All!

10.4 Mighty is the True God, mighty are the Elder Gods!

10.5 Great is OEDE-Shoggog, and great is his chosen folk!

10.6 Iah! Truly, great is OEDE-Shoggog, even if strange in shape to the chosen folk!

10.7 Iah! Truly, great is OEDE-Shoggog, even if he comes from far away!

10.8 Iah! Truly, OEDE-Shoggog has chosen the chosen folk, great he is!

10.9 Hearken, all ye, the glory of OEDE-Shoggog!

10.10 The unprotected he has protected, he is the guard of the guardless folk!

10.11 The lowest he has raised high, the ugliest he has mightily beautified!

10.12 Remember, the stars and the moon, remember, the earth and the skies!

10.13 From the Plains of Fate to the Desolate Forest, remember OEDE-Shoggog, the Revealer of Destiny!

10.14 From the Plains of Fate to the Desolate Forest, praise OEDE-Shoggog, the Revealer of Destiny!

10.15 From the Plains of Fate to the Desolate Forest, truly! mightily praise OEDE-Shoggog!

10.16 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog!

* * *

The Book of OEDE-Shoggog (Part II)

* * *

Eleventh Chapter : An-Hog and Zir-Vla

11.1 And so, after the departure of OEDE-Shoggog, the chosen folk lived and prospered.

11.2 The great city of the chosen folk, nameless after the fashion of the chosen folk, was named Vlog-Shoggog, it is of the language of the chosen folk and of the old language which was the language of OEDE-Shoggog himself, and it means, the City of the Revealer.

11.3 In Vlog-Shoggog and the surrounding lands, to the Swamp of Nisht and to the Plains of Fate, and to the farthest reaches of the Desolate Forest and to the mountains of Zin-Harg, ruled the Nameless, the Emperor.

11.4 And when time passed and the Emperor grew old many of the chosen folk went to the new lands, beyond the snow-capped mountains of Zin-Harg, or to the plains beyond the Desolate Forest, or beyond the Swamp of Nisht and the Plain of Alephais, and they were ruled by Qlzqqlzuup, the overlord of all of the chosen folk and the steward on the absence of OEDE-Shoggog.

11.5 And so it is said, that OEDE-Shoggog appeared many times to the dreams of Qlzqqlzuup and the Emperor, and guided them, and the chosen folk grew and largened, and spred wide.

11.6 Then, two hundred and seventy three years after OEDE-Shoggog left, the first Emperor died.

11.7 He had lived four hundred thirty and one years, and of that, two hundred and seventy three years been the Emperor of the chosen folk.

11.8 And the chosen folk grew sad over his death, and built him a tomb of crystal and precious stones to the peak of Kal-Hog, which lies near to the city of Vlog-Shoggog.

11.9 And the time to choose the new Emperor came, for the chosen folk was in the need of a leader.

11.10 Two candidates it was for the Emperor to be, and both of them were sired from the old Emperor, in first generation, and both great in his likeness in his youth.

11.11 First of them, the older, was named An-Hog, and he was pale like snow in the shoulders of the great mountain of Kal-Hog, and mightily wise.

11.12 Later of them and younger was Zir-Vla, fast in his deeds and doings like the bursting and eagerly flooding river of Zir, and as willing to give away his own to others.

11.13 The chosen folk knew not which one of them to choose, for in some things it was their way to favour the elder, and in some the younger, but Emperors they had had only one, and they had no precedent.

11.14 So the both went to the great tower of the palace of the Emperor, and cried OEDE-Shoggog to help and guide them.

11.15 But OEDE-Shoggog made no appearance, and so An-Hog and Zir-Vla decided to wait and to fast so OEDE-Shoggog would appear to them.

11.16 They waited in the tower of the palace for a day and a night, and for another day they waited.

11.17 During the another night a stranger climbt to the tower, seeming like a servant, and gave them vials of refreshing drink.

11.18 And An-Hog declined, refusing to drink, and claimed he would fast and stay fast, until OEDE-Shoggog would make his appearance, but Zir-Vla took the drink, and drank it, and drank the drink of An-Hog also.

11.19 Then the stranger raised himself to all his height, and they saw that it was truly OEDE-Shoggog himself in disguise.

11.20 OEDE-Shoggog threw his disguise away, and like a flaming star stood amidst them, and they were greatly afraid, and threw themselves to his feet.

11.21 And OEDE-Shoggog spake to them:

11.22 Truly! I have come to you, for you are in need of my guidance.

11.23 You two are both in choice for the place of the Emperor, but only one of you shall fulfill it.

11.24 Then An-Hog and Zir-Vla shrivelled in terror, for the feared OEDE-Shoggog would destroy the unfit one of them.

11.25 But OEDE-Shoggog said:

11.26 You, An-Hog the elder and the wiser, have I chosen for the new Emperor, for you declined of the vial of drink, and stood first while awaiting me. But you, Zir-Vla, shall I teach because of breaking your fast, and to you shall I spell a different destiny.

11.27 Then An-Hog bowed deeper still, and praise OEDE-Shoggog, but Zir-Vla cried in a great voice, for he feared death.

11.28 After saying this lifted OEDE-Shoggog his hand, and for a moment the skies were lit like in the day, and both An-Hog and Zir-Vla had to turn away.

11.29 And from the shining spake OEDE-Shoggog:

11.30 But like An-Hog is to be the Emperor over your shells and forms, shall Zir-Vla be the guide of your hearts, and as a mark of this guidance I leave him a holy remain of me.

11.31 And the shining lessened, and OEDE-Shoggog was gone.

11.32 To Zir-Vla had he left statue in his likeness, crafted to a strange metal, and it was his likeness in all his glory amidst a thundering cloud, and Zir-Vla built a shrine to this statue to the mountains of Zin-Vorg, and with many others of the master-tribe went to live there.

11.33 Zir-Vla, who had before been flighty and prodigal, was silent after seeing OEDE-Shoggog, and steady, and great in wisdom, and lived in the mountains of Zin-Vorg teaching other for three hundred and fourty nine years more, until he died.

11.34 * And he had sired no one to be after him, for after seeing OEDE-Shoggog had he lived as an eunuch and a castrate.

11.35 But An-Hog became the new Emperor, and he gave away his name so the only he kept was that of Emperor, so he should not overly grow proud and drive his folk to destruction.

11.36 After beginning from that day has the name of the Emperor been the Emperor only, and the name of the eldest of his children been the An-Hog only.

11.37 OEDE-Shoggog blessed the family of the Emperor with long age and with great wisdom, and the chosen folk adored and praised them greatly.

* * *

Twelfth Chapter : The number and deeds of the Qlzqqlzuups

12.1 And as the Emperor was followed by the Emperor, was Qlzqqlzuup to be followed by Qlzqqlzuup.

12.2 The first Qlzqqlzuup, the one who had been known as Qlz like the dogs are called forth, died when he had ruled for three hundred seventy years, and lived for four hundred and fifty one years.

12.3 After him ruled his descendant, so great in his likeness that only few could say them apart.

12.4 OEDE-Shoggog blessed the family and the brood of Qlzqqlzuups, and so it became that every one of that family saw the age of four hundred and fifty at least, and many of them reached even full six hundred, a miracle amongst the chosen folk.

12.5 And as the name of the Emperor was the Emperor for ever, was the name of Qlzqqlzuup Qlzqqlzuup for ever, but where the likeness of Emperors was in name only, was the likeness of Qlzqqlzuups in every aspect so great that the common folk said that the spirit of the first and same Qlzqqlzuup lived in all of them.

12.6 * And maybe it was so, for they were miraculously wise and just.

12.7 So it was also that OEDE-Shoggog appeared many times in the dreams and thoughts of the each of Qlzqqlzuups and in such way guided the chosen folk towards its destiny.

12.8 And when an Emperor followed an Emperor, and the name of his eldest stayed as An-Hog, and years piled the tomb of the first of Emperors in the peak of Kal-Hog, and age steeped even the shrine built by Zir-Vla to the mountains of Zin-Vorg, came the age when OEDE-Shoggog returned to his chosen folk at the hour of the most urgent need.

12.9 But before it must the year-count of the chosen folk be said.

12.10 Hear, the sun and the moon!

12.11 Hear, the earth and the skies!

12.12 In the ancient ages walked OEDE-Shoggog, the Revealer of Destiny, among the chosen folk for the first time. He set the first Emperor to his place, and named the first of the stewards of the chosen folk, who was Qlzqqlzuup.

12.13 And when two hundred and seventy three years had passed, died the first Emperor, and OEDE-Shoggog made an appearance so that the line of Emperors could continue in its curse.

12.14 When three hundred and seventy years had passed of the first visitation of OEDE-Shoggog, died the first Qlzqqlzuup, and the second, in his likeness, grasped the might beneath the eyes of OEDE-Shoggog.

12.15 And so it was to be that five Qlzqqlzuups ruled the chosen folk after the first, and seven Emperors after the first, before OEDE-Shoggog appeared again.

12.16 Of these Qlzqqlzuups first lived in those slopes of the mountains of Zin-Harg which look away from the homeland of the chosen folk, and he built the tower of Oth-Harg there, and returned to Vlog-Shoggog for three of the master tribe and the sacred flame.

12.17 Second of Qlzqqlzuups, like the first, dwelt in the tower of Oth-Harg, and in his age the chosen folk spred to the mountains of Thuth-Morgo.

12.18 Third of Qlzqqlzuups, like the first, moved from one place to another, never living for long anywhere, and during his age were many fortresses built.

12.19 Fourth of Qlzqqlzuups, like the first, built the city of Gluh-Nigg which is no more to the far side of the Plain of Alephais, and dwelt there. During his age the chosen folk journeyed in great numbers beyond the Plain of Alephais, but lingered not on the plain, for it was cursed.

12.20 And fourth Qlzqqlzuup was slain after living four hundred and fifty one years, when the sand-devils of the desert attacked the city of Gluh-Nigg and laid it to waste.

12.21 Fifth of Qlzqqlzuups, like the first, called the assembly of the second tribe and conquerer the sand-devils, and with the knowledge of OEDE-Shoggog erected to the borders of the Plain of Alephais the great monoliths, beyond which the devils could not pass.

12.22 This was the way the chosen folk won the sand-devils, but none of them stepped again to the Plain of Alephais which was named the Burrowing of Winds, and the city of Gluh-Nigg at its border was left inside the border of monoliths deserted, and was named the City of the Dead.

12.23 Sixth of Qlzqqlzuups, like the first, built the tower of Gann-Lith to the edge of the great chasm of Lith, and lived and ruled at the tower of Oth-Harg. In his age the war between the chosen folk and the cursed folk began, and the prophecy of OEDE-Shoggog became true, and those who had been cursed and dispelled returned to gain revenge.

* * *

Thirteenth Chapter : The beginning of the Great War of the chosen folk

13.1 In the time, when full one thousand and three hundred years had passed from the time OEDE-Shoggog walked among the chosen folk for the first time, the Great War began.

13.2 For the Burrowing of Winds trembled, and trembled the mountains of Zin-Harg, and even the mighty peak of Kal-Hog shook, and the tomb of the first Emperor upon its flanks was buried under the falling rocks for evermore.

13.3 And far, in the direction where the sun sets, a great fire was seen in the skies, and the chosen folk was afraid.

13.4 But in the following day the shining ended, and ended the tremble, and the chosen folk forgot the burning and the tremble, for the wished not to talk upon it.

13.5 Then, when full one year had passed from the year of the trembling and the burning, a messenger came from the direction of the sunset, and he was of the third tribe, of the one whose mission, given by OEDE-Shoggog, was to guard the far-off places.

13.6 He spoke to the sixth Qlzqqlzuup who lived in the tower of Oth-Harg in the mountains of Zin-Harg, and to the eigth Emperor who dwelt in the city of Vlog-Shoggog he spoke.

13.7 And thus he said:

13.8 Oh! May a great wail echo through all places where the chosen folk dwells!

13.9 May the Swamp of Nisht weep, and the Plains of Vlog wail, and the mountains of Zin-Harg sigh in despair!

13.10 May the peak of Kal-Hog shudder at the weight to tears, may the city of Vlog-Shoggog be dimmed to the veil of wails!

13.11 May the chosen folk thrash until its flesh is blooded, and sigh to the content of its lungs, for a great misfortune has upon it fallen.

13.12 The far-off streams have changed their colouration to the shades of blood, and the swamps stink of rot and decease.

13.13 Death and turmoil have fallen upon the farthest outpost of the chosen folk, the death is reaping at the land of Lisht.

13.14 The monsters have arrived, the monsters whose name is to be cursed, and with them those, who already cursed are.

13.15 Thus spoke the messenger, for a race of abominations had invaded the swamp of Lisht, and with tens and dozens slain the members of the third tribe, the dwellers of the swamps and the places of the dead.

13.16 Those miscreants had had with them some of the cursed folk, of the shunned tribe, of the one which had been cursed and dispelled by OEDE-Shoggog so long time ago.

13.17 And greatly the chosen folk cried and wailed, and thrashed until its skin was broken and bloodied, and then prepared for the war.

13.18 By the call of the seventh Emperor after the first, from the city of Vlog-Shoggog and lands around it, thirty thousand of the warrior tribe was raised, led by Zirc, who was the patriarch of the warrior tribe in those times.

13.19 Beyond the mountains of Zin-Harg, from the lands of the sixth Qlzqqlzuup after the first, twenty thousand was armed, led by Dal-Hog, who also was a patriarch of the warrior tribe.

13.20 From the lands bordering the great Chasm of Lith gathered to the tower of Gann-Lith ten thousand warriors, and they joined the army of Dal-Hog, but retained their leader who was Relg, mighty and unsurpassed in his prowess.

13.21 From the far-off mountains of Thuth-Morgo five thousand of the warrior tribe was raised, all of them customed to harsh life and hardships, and they joined the troops of Zirc at the tower of Nis-Gorgo, where the great army of the chosen folk was assembled.

13.22 From the Plains of Fate ten thousand of the fourth, the wild tribe came forth, steadfast in their will to defend the chosen folk, and five thousand from the Desolate Forest, and gathered together they were fifteen thousand.

13.23 So was the great army of the chosen folk gathered to the tower of Nis-Gorgo, at the feet of the mountains of Helg-Vig.

13.24 And the number and amount of that army was eighty thousand warriors, of which sixty five thousand was of the warrior tribe, and fifteen thousand of the wild tribe.

13.25 That army, greatest of all armies gathered ever by the chosen folk, was assembled at the tower of Nis-Gorgo, and marched over the mountains of Helg-Vig, and at the Plains of Kush beyond then prepared for the battle.

13.26 The left flank of the army was commanded by Zirc, from the city of Vlog-Shoggog, and with him were those who had came from the lands around the city of Vlog-Shoggog, and those who had came from the mountains of Thuth-Morgo.

13.27 The right flank of the army was commanded by Dal-Hog, from the mountains of Zin-Harg, and with him were those who had came from the lands beyond the mountains of Zin-Harg and from the lands bordering the Chasm of Lith.

13.28 And the center of the army was commanded by the mighty Qlzqqlzuup himself, terrible in his anger, clad in heavy mail and in his iron tower, moved by the beasts of burden, looming above the army. And with him marched those of the fourth, the wild tribe who wished to war, and many of the first and the fifth tribe marched with him also.

13.29 And thus assembled and ordered to the foothills of the mountains of Heleg-Vig, bordering the mighty Plains of Kush, whose other border is the land of Lisht, saw they the army of the enemy.

13.30 That army marched from the Plains of Kush, and behind it burned the remains of the land of Lisht.

13.31 * To its spears were impaled mutilated pieces of bodies, and at seeing this the messenger who had came to Qlzqqlzuup and to the Emperor to tell them of this army cried in despair and fell to the ground, and wailed, for those body-parts had belonged to those who had dwelt in the land of Lisht, but they were no more.

13.32 * And at that moment the messenger died, grief-struck, and the folk of the land of Lisht was no more.

13.33 The army marching against the chosen of chosen folk was greater in amount, numbering hundred thousand warriors at least.

13.34 Of those warriors ten thousand were descendants of the cursed folk OEDE-Shoggog had dispelled with Squu thousand and three hundred years age, and they had came to seek revenge, and their arms and armour were painted red, and their weapons were coloured red by the blood of the folk of the land of Lisht.

13.35 But ten thousand only of that crowd had originated from the chosen folk, for ninety thousand was of the most horrible race of monsters and abominations that ever had existed.

13.36 From a faraway realm had they came, aided by blaspheming mages and deed-doomed wizards, and guided by the cursed, seeking war and annihilation, unable to understand peace or beauty.

13.37 And in the language of the chosen folk was the name of their homeworld, a grim land of bitterness and dark clouds of smoke, Zuug, but they had other names for it.

13.38 And because they were not like the chosen folk were they horrible to behold, and even more abominable were they of their habits.

13.39 They were not like the chosen folk, nor like the shape OEDE-Shoggog had had, and nor like the beasts of burden, nor like the monsters shambling in the Desolate Forest or in the mountains of Thuth-Morgo, but more abominable and horrible still.

13.40 For their skin was of alien colour, and covered with pus-oozing and festering wounds, and layered with ooze that made them look dead even if they still lived.

13.41 And they cared not of their lives, like they would already be dead, and nothing hindered or stopped them from a fight, for they pus that covered them was like a suit of armour, and a mighty blow was needed to wound them, and many of them needed no weapons, for their claws were like swords of steel, and their bodies had growths of alien limbs and spikes.

13.42 * And they always hungered for a battle, for they were a bloodlusty and terrible folk that knew no gods and honoured no saints.

13.43 And at seeing this army of abominations and the doom of Lisht the army of the chosen folk was filled with holy wrath, and they rushed forth with a great scream, and thus the horrible battle of the Fields of Kush had began.

* * *

Fourteenth Chapter : Battle of the Fields of Kush and the Return of OEDE-Shoggog

14.1 Thus began the horrible battle of the Fields of Kush.

14.2 That day flowed the blood of the chosen folk to the dusty ground, mixed with the dark blood of the monsters, and even the skies clouded their eyes to not see this fray.

14.3 On that day fourty thousand of the chosen folk fell, full one half of the army of the chosen folk, and the ground was covered with their bodies as with dust.

14.4 On that day the seventh Qlzqqlzuup fell, and all his sons fell except the eldest.

14.5 So were wasted the lives of Zirc and Dal-Hog, Zirc taking ten enemies with him, and Dal-Hog eleven.

14.6 And when the night was falling, a great wail rose from the chosen folk, for Qlzqqlzuup was dead, and braves Zirc and Dal-Hog were dead, and the monstrous army was still greater than theirs.

14.7 But the eldest son of the seventh Qlzqqlzuup, only remain of his flesh, rose up to the tower of Qlzqqlzuup, around which the battle still raged, and cried:

14.8 Truly! We have lost, we have been shattered!

14.9 We have been struck, with hammer we have been crushed and out bones sowed to the ground!

14.10 Tell, monsters, speak, cursed, what wish you to have to cease this?

14.11 And the greatest warrior of the monsters stepped forth from the crowd, and he was, unlike others, clad in threefold bronze mail, and carried three bronze maces, and his armour was stained with the blood of the chosen folk.

14.12 * And after him came one of the cursed, ancient and shrivelled being, so twisted and dried that he was more like a broken tree-stump than a living being, but his eyes burned with anger.

14.13 And the great warrior of the monsters spoke, and his words were the first the chosen folk heard from his folk, for before they had been silent but of war-cries and dying breaths.

14.14 This is what he said, in the speech of the chosen folk but badly breaking the words:

14.15 Truly! This day have you lost, and you have been proved worthless.

14.16 You have been struck, you have been with hammer crushed and your bones will to the black ground sowed be.

14.17 This even ground shall be with salt sowed, so nothing ever will take root in it, so everyone will remember your fate, so everyone will eternally fear us.

14.18 See!

14.19 We are a terrible and a war-like folk, and we come from a place whose name in your speech is Zuug, but we have better and more pleasing names for it.

14.20 We have raged through a thousand worlds and a ten thousand realms, and all of them have we laid to waste.

14.21 Their peoples have been left dead behind us, whole races have we obliterated to nothingness.

14.22 So have we done, for we are the folk of Zuug, and so shall we do to you, for you are not mighty and you can not to stop us.

14.23 After saying this turned he to leave, but the eldest son of the seventh Qlzqqlzuup cried from his tower:

14.24 Truly! Great is this threat, and if you gain victory here today is the destiny of the chosen folk sealed, and no one of it shall remain.

14.25 Its cities shall be ruins, its fields ash, its folk only a dead memory.

14.26 I claim myself Qlzqqlzuup, the eighth of that name, like the first raised high by OEDE-Shoggog himself, and OEDE-Shoggog I call to my aid.

14.27 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog!

14.28 Hear the cries of the chosen folk! Help them in their hour of need!

14.29 Forget not those you have chosen, let not those you have raised high be pushed to the dirt of the groud!

14.30 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog! Help thy chosen folk!

14.31 And then the skies blazed white, and the mountains of Heleg-Vig quivered and shook and spit ash and fire, and the Plains of Kush crackled, and even the very winds whispered:

14.32 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog! Help thy chosen folk!

14.33 And in that moment OEDE-Shoggog came to help his chosen folk, at its greatest hour of need.

14.34 He descended from the skies amidst a great cloud of smoke to the foothills of the mountains of Heleg-Vig, and set his foot the the hill whose name now is Zin-Shoggog, it is, the hill of the revealer.

14.35 And with him one thousand warriors in bright mail came down from the skies, and they were of chosen folk, but brighter and beautifuller than any of the five tribes, and they were terrible to behold in their wrath, and the army of the monsters shuddered.

14.36 Then OEDE-Shoggog spake:

14.37 Truly! I am OEDE-Shoggog, the protector of the chosen folk. I have come to it at its greatest hour of need.

14.38 I have done as I have vowed, for I shall not desert my chosen folk.

14.39 And OEDE-Shoggog raised his hand, and looked towards the army of the monsters and the cursed.

14.40 * And OEDE-Shoggog asked:

14.41 * Truly, why hideth thou in the cracks of the ground and behind those monstrous forms? Step forward, Squu, and behold me.

14.42 * And then to the awe of all from the crowds of the monsters an ancient and wrinkled cursed stepped forth, the one who had stood behind the great monster warrior, and he quivered when he beholded OEDE-Shoggog.

14.43 * For it was the one, Squu, the one OEDE-Shoggog had dispelled and cursed one thousand and three hundred years ago, and due monstrous spells and sacrifices an abomination to all gods he still lived.

14.44 * OEDE-Shoggog said:

14.45 * Speak to me, Squu. Defend thyself. Tell why hast thou returned, and tell why hast thou brought these monsters with thee?

14.46 * But Squu spake not, staring at the ground with his red eyes, and shook.

14.47 * For a second time asked OEDE-Shoggog, but Squu answered not.

14.48 * And the entire army was quiet and waited.

14.49 * For a third time asked OEDE-Shoggog, but Squu was silent still.

14.50 * OEDE-Shoggog sighed, for he had hoped Squu to speak.

14.51 * And in that moment the heart of Squu was overburdened by his vileness, for so evil was he that he could not even speak to OEDE-Shoggog, the protector of the chosen folk, nor behold his glory for long.

14.52 * And Squu fell to the ground, dead, and his aeon-old form crumbled to dust.

* * *

Fifteenth Chapter : Great victory of the chosen folk

15.1 And OEDE-Shoggog spake:

15.2 Listen, you folk of Zuug, who have came to slay the chosen folk of mine, OEDE-Shoggog, the chosen of the Elder Gods.

15.3 I am OEDE-Shoggog, servant of the Elder Gods.

15.4 You, folk of Zuug, know no gods, no lords, and you know not the Elder Gods.

15.5 For the True God exists, and even seeing him would burns your forms to ash.

15.6 For the Elder Gods exist, and even seeing them would rob all of you of your minds.

15.7 And I, OEDE-Shoggog, exist, and I the guardian, chooser and protector of this folk, this chosen folk, from eternity to eternity.

15.8 Never before have you been stopped in your rampage, but now it shall happen.

15.9 Never before have you met anyone superior to you, but meet now my chosen folk.

15.10 And, foremost, meet the irritation of the Elder Gods, for by your deeds are you now doomed.

15.11 After saying this raised OEDE-Shoggog his hands, and a great wind arose, and he rose to the air, crying:

15.12 Chosen folk, your moment of triumph is at hand!

15.13 Them a great sense of strength came over the chosen folk, and they attacked the cursed and the monsters, and in their side fought those one thousand chosen warriors OEDE-Shoggog had brought with him, and every one of them was a mighty in arms and terrible in his anger against the monsters and the cursed.

15.14 Every one of the warriors OEDE-Shoggog had brought with him was worth ten warriors of the warriors tribe, and with their lead and the strength of OEDE-Shoggog the chosen gained a great victory that day.

15.15 And of that army which had laid waste to the land of Lisht, and whose number had been one hundred thousand, only twenty thousand survived that day, and they fled over the Plains of Kush and across the dead land of Lishy, and over the mountains beyond Lisht, and all that way the army of the chosen folk chased them, and the radiance of OEDE-Shoggog lighted the day and the night so they could nor escape, nor hide.

15.16 So the army of Zuug escaped beyond the mountains of Dag-Lisht, it is, the Lisht-beyond, and there stepped into a great gate which reached to the world of Zuug, and stricken and defeated escaped from the lands of the chosen folk.

15.17 And of those ninety thousand of the folk of Zuug who came to the land of the chosen folk ten thousand came back.

15.18 * And of those ten thousand cursed ones, led by Squu, one hundred only escaped from the lands of the chosen folk, lands they had been dispelled from, and Squu himself died of his own evil at the battle on the Fields of Kush.

15.19 This was how chosen folk defeated the monsters of Zuug for evermore, for OEDE-Shoggog broke the portal the monsters had used to gain entrance into the lands of the chosen folk, and which had been made by the cursed ones.

15.20 And when the portal was broken struck OEDE-Shoggog the staff he carried to the ground where the portal had stood, and said:

15.21 Truly! Great is the day of the victory of the chosen folk.

15.22 I, OEDE-Shoggog, servant of the Elder Gods, who are the servants of the True God, say with the force of my words, with the strength granted to me by the Elder Gods, this portal to be and stay crushed and broken now and forever more.

15.23 May a great curse and the wrath of OEDE-Shoggog fall upon the one who dares to tamper with this portal.

15.24 May doubly be cursed the one of the cursed tribe who dares even to think of it, tenfold cursed the one who whispers it out lord, and thousandfolk cursed and struck down by the power of the Elder Gods the one who tries to reopen it.

15.25 This portal is broken, and broken it shall be.

15.26 This say and vow I, OEDE-Shoggog, by the names of the Elder Gods.

15.27 After saying this curse returned OEDE-Shoggog in a triumph to the city of Vlog-Shoggog with the army of the chosen folk, and he blessed the chosen folk and the folk praised his name and greatly rejoiced.

15.28 But nonetheless was grief strong in the city of Vlog-Shoggog and in the surrounding lands, and in the mountains of Zin-Harg and in the lands beyond them, and in the mountains of Thuth-Morgo and in the lands bordering the Chasm of Lith, and in the Plains of Fate and in the Desolate Forest, for only one of every two who had went to the war returned, for full half of the army was left dead to the Fields of Kush, fallen for the cause of the chosen folk.

15.29 Qlzqqlzuup, seventh of that name and like the first, returned not, nor Zirc, neither Dal-Hog, and Relg even, greatest of the warriors of the warrior tribe, had fallen in the fray, claiming five of the cursed, and four and twenty of the monsters of Zuug, and the greatest warrior of the army of the monsters, the one who had been clad in threefold mail and had carried three maces of bronze.

15.30 And after the command of OEDE-Shoggog a great temple of burial was built to the fallen to the feet of the mountains of Heleg-Vig, to the side that watches not the Fields of Kush and the land of Lisht, but to the side that gazes on the homeland of the chosen folk.

15.31 And to that temple were buried those forty thousand of the chosen folk who had fallen at the battle of the Fields of Kush.

15.32 To the left wing of the temple a tomb was built for Zirc, shaped from stone brought from the mountain of Kal-Hog, and to the right wing was buried Dal-Hog, into a tomb made of crystal from the mountains of Zin-Harg.

15.33 So both of them gained rest in the soil of their own homes.

15.34 But to the midcupol of the temple was the seventh Qlzqqlzuup, lord of quylthulgkind, like the first, buried, and to his side, his sons.

15.35 Under the temple, to the stalwart granite of the mountains of Heleg-Vig, was made a chamber of burial for Relg, and to all those braves who had came from the borders of the Chasm of Lith and fallen at the battle of the Fields of Kush.

15.36 To the midcupol of the temple, beyond the tomb of the seventh Qlzqqlzuup, raised OEDE-Shoggog an altar for the Elder Gods, burned a thankful sacrifice upon that altar of his own making, and shattered it, saying:

15.37 Truly! The sacrifice is burnt and I, OEDE-Shoggog, am in peace with the Elder Gods, but my chosen folk needs no altar.

15.38 May this temple as whole be your altar, and in the hour and time of need you may come here to praise and glorify.

15.39 But sacrifice not, for the Elder Gods demand no sacrifices, except from me and from me only, and I need no sacrifices from you.

15.40 You may come to this temple of burial when you feel the need, and remember the battle of the Fields of Kush, and those fallen, and the great war of the chosen folk, and remember me.

15.41 But from one of you, from Qlzqqlzuup and from him only, I demand a pledge.

15.42 I, OEDE-Shoggog, arrived to his aid when he called for me.

15.43 And to remember calling me, and my answer, shall he come to visit this temple always when the cycle of years arrives to the day of the battle of the Fields of Kush.

15.44 Every year I demand him not to arrive, but when the moon and the stars are right, it is, every five years, must he throw aside all other and come here, to the temple of Mis-Shoggog, it is, the Temple of the Arrival of the Revealer, and here stay one night and remember me.

15.45 And every Qlzqqlzuup after him shall do so when the moon and the stars are right, and remember me, OEDE-Shoggog, for I shall forever be with them and with all of the chosen folk.

15.46 And after speaking this OEDE-Shoggog left the chosen folk, and those one thousand glorious warriors he had brought left with him.

15.47 * The commander of those thousand glorious warriors was named Del-Vog, and his thirdness-lieteunants were called Ber-Helg, and Talg-Nog, and Aran-Volg.

* * *

Sixteenth Chapter : The praise of eighth Qlzqqlzuup

16.1 Truly! At the feet of the mountains of Heleg-Vig stood I, at the edge of the Fields of Kush, and OEDE-Shoggog I called.

16.2 Circled by the monstrous army I stood with the chosen folk at its hour of need, and OEDE-Shoggog I called.

16.3 Amidst the blood of my sire I stood, at his tower of iron, and OEDE-Shoggog I called.

16.4 And OEDE-Shoggog answered, as a thunder in the mountains.

16.5 And OEDE-Shoggog answered, as a booming in the skies.

16.6 And OEDE-Shoggog answered, as a brightness in the skies.

16.7 So came OEDE-Shoggog to aid the chosen folk at its greatest hour of need.

16.8 So fulfilled OEDE-Shoggog his word and returned to us.

16.9 So OEDE-Shoggog rescued us.

16.10 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog!

16.11 Praised be, in the names of the Elder Gods, OEDE-Shoggog!

16.12 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog!

* * *

Seventeenth Chapter : Great assembly of the chosen folk

17.1 In the tenth year after OEDE-Shoggog left the chosen folk went the eighth Qlzqqlzuup to the temple of Mis-Shoggog, and was there for a night remembering the battle of the Fields of Kush.

17.2 And at that night OEDE-Shoggog revealed himself to the eighth Qlzqqlzuup at the temple of Mis-Shoggog.

17.3 After returning from the temple went the eighth Qlzqqlzuup to the tower of Oth-Harg, built by the first of Qlzqqlzuups, to the shoulders of the mountains of Zin-Harg, and called all of the patriarchs of the tribes of the chosen folk to him.

17.4 The emperor he called from the city of Vlog-Shoggog, and ten patriarchs of the first tribe.

17.5 Kor-Zin and Mag-Pir, patriarchs of the second tribe and the generals of the armies he called to him.

17.6 Zur-Mir, the patriarch of the third tribe, he called to him from the swamps and the lands of the dead, from the borders of the lands of the chosen folk.

17.7 He called to him Hag-Vlo, patriarch of the fourth tribe from the Plains of Fate, and Galt-Ma, patriarch of the fourth tribe, he called also from the Desolate Forest.

17.8 And Gert-Mo and Zen-Vli he called also, the two patriarchs of the fourth tribe, from the lands beyond the Desolate Forest.

17.9 Of the fifth tribe, the base folk, he called one hundred to hear his words. Of them ten were from the city of Vlog-Shoggog, and ten from the other lands of the Emperor, and full eighty from the lands of eighth Qlzqqlzuup himself.

17.10 And when they all had arrived to the tower of Oth-Harg, spoke eighth Qlzqqlzuup to them:

17.11 Truly! Ten years have passed since the end of the great war of the chosen folk and our victory.

17.12 Ten years have passed since OEDE-Shoggog walked among us.

17.13 Not a long time ago returned I from the temple of Mis-Shoggog, after spending there a night like OEDE-Shoggog pledged me to do, and at the temple of Mis-Shoggog OEDE-Shoggog revealed himself to me.

17.14 Not as a dream, but as a phantasm hovering over the tomb of my sire, the seventh Qlzqqlzuup.

17.15 That phantasm was like the play of stars at night at first, but a form arose, and it was the homeland of the chosen folk, and I heard the voice of OEDE-Shoggog say:

17.16 Truly! This is the homeland of the chosen folk.

17.17 And I answered:

17.18 Yea, o OEDE-Shoggog, for thou must this be. This is the homeland of thy chosen folk.

17.19 And the voice of OEDE-Shoggog said:

17.20 Truly! This is the homeland of the chosen folk, but the folk is large, and larger every day.

17.21 And I answered:

17.22 Truly, great is OEDE-Shoggog and wise are his words. The chosen folk grows larger every day, but only to praise OEDE-Shoggog more.

17.23 The voice of OEDE-Shoggog answered:

17.24 Truly, so it does and so it must. But I know that the largening of the chosen folk shall not end, but its homeworld hath been circled with boundaries.

17.25 Behold! The world ends not to the mountains of Thuth-Morgo, and not to the plains behind them, the boundary of all exists not at the Chasm of Lith, but all has been encircled.

17.26 Once shall that these boundaries be filled, and the chosen folk shall be sorely pressed.

17.27 This is the reason I, OEDE-Shoggog, the chooser and the protector of the chosen folk, have found the chosen folk a way to grow larger even more, and to greatly more praise me.

17.28 And I said:

17.29 Truly, mighty are the words of OEDE-Shoggog. The chosen folk listens and obeys their call.

17.30 And OEDE-Shoggog told:

17.31 Truly! Now shall you return to the tower of Oth-Harg, to the mountains of Zin-Harg, and call all of the patriarchs of the chosen folk to you.

17.32 You shall call the patriarchs of the warrior tribe, and the patriarch of the swamps and the lands of the death, and the many patriarchs of the wild lands, and an amount of the fifth tribe shall you call, and the Emperor from the city of Vlog-Shoggog.

17.33 And after doing this, tell them the things I have said to you.

17.34 And at the moment you tell the patriarch my words, shall I cause a great miracle happen.

17.35 I shall pluck a star from the skies, and a ray of the sun, and iron from the heart of the earth, and with my word shall I forge a portal to the skies.

17.36 So tell all of the other look out from that window of the tower of Oth-Harg which opens to the mountains of Zin-Harg, to the valley which is named Gor-Minn, the Rise of Grief.

17.37 I shall strike to the valley a star from the skies, and a ray of the sun, and to its way raise iron from the heart of the earth, and of them shall I create a mighty bridge, a portal to the stars.

17.38 The upper end of that bridge shall I fasten to the skies amidst spells, high over the homeland of the chosen folk, at the gate of the stars and the skies.

17.39 And after saying this grew the eighth Qlzqqlzuup silent, and a great rush was heard from the skies, and a great sigh like a dam breaking was heard from the heart of the earth, and the tower of Oth-Harg trembled.

17.40 And when the patriarchs and the Emperor and the eighth Qlzqqlzuup hurried to that window of the tower of Oth-Harg which gave towards the mountains of Zin-Harg, and towards the valley which is named Gor-Minn, the Rise of Grief, saw they a mighty bridge that had appeared, one end shouldered by the mountains of Zin-Harg and the other rising and disappearing to the skies.

17.41 At seeing this the patriarchs and the Emperor and the eighth Qlzqqlzuup were made humble, and they bowed, and praised OEDE-Shoggog mightily.

* * *

Eighteenth Chapter : Mission of Sending

18.1 After doing so left they the tower of Oth-Harg and went to the mountains of Zin-Harg, and from the upper end of the valley of Gor-Minn, from the shoulders of the mountain of Zin-Morgo, found they the lower end of the portal and bridge to the stars.

18.2 And the Emperor, seventh of that name, fell down and cried mightily:

18.3 Truly! Great is OEDE-Shoggog, the true protector of the chosen folk!

18.4 Great is his name, mighty is strength, furious his anger!

18.5 Of a burning star and a gold-tinted ray of the sun, and of silvery iron has he forged this bridge, of the skies and the air and of the insides of the earth has he shaped it.

18.6 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog!

18.7 Blasphemy is to call this glorious valley Gor-Minn, the Rise of Grief, when OEDE-Shoggog himself has touched it. May its name, from this day to eternity, be Qur-Minn, the Glorious Rise!

18.8 And may this portal be named Dur-Harg, it is, the Portal to Stars, for to the stars it leads and no lesser name is worth it.

18.9 And so it was like the seventh Emperor said, and the valley was named Qur-Minn, and it led to the mountain of Zin-Morgo and to the Portal to Stars, which is named Dur-Harg.

18.10 So the eighth Qlzqqlzuup and the seventh Emperor and the patriarchs of the tribes climbed the great bridge, and to the very top of the Portal to Stars they climbed, to the realm amidst stars.

18.11 But there were they greatly afraid, for the bridge ended to empriness and hanged amidst the stars, and they were very high and the air was very thin.

18.12 Then a great light sparkled amidst the stars, and the voice of OEDE-Shoggog spoke to the everyone of them.

18.13 Truly! I am OEDE-Shoggog, the chooser and protector of the chosen folk.

18.14 I wish the chosen folk to largen mightily to praise me, and so have I created this bridge and portal to the stars.

18.15 And know that many worlds exist amidst the stars, and some of them are the likeness of the homeworld of the chosen folk, and some are different.

18.16 Of those world I give to you those which are like the homeworld of the chosen folk, and those which have plenty of blue oceans, and those which have dark fens, and those with crimson plains and silvery fields I give to you also.

18.17 But go not to the worlds with green oceans, and neither to those with black forests or tingling lands, and those worlds I forbid from you which have yellow mountains or snow-white forests.

18.18 These are the worlds I give to you, and the worlds I forbid from you. Truly, this way shall the destiny of the chosen folk come true.

18.19 Truly, know that every time when the moons are aligned like ordained by the writings and a star twinkles at the top of the bridge a flying mountain hath arrived to journey the bravest of the chosen folk to the stars.

18.20 So every time when the signs in the skies are right, order that the ordained amount of the chosen folk is prepared to leaves for the stars by my command and the glory of OEDE-Shoggog.

18.21 Truly, when the signs are right, this is the amount you must prepare:

18.22 Of the first tribe, the master-tribe, must you choose one that you would have a leader, wherever you may go.

18.23 Of the second tribe, the tribe draconic, must you choose two that you would have protectors.

18.24 Of the third tribe, the rotting-tribe, must you choose two, that you would have guard at the faroff boundaries.

18.25 Of the fourth, the nexus-tribe, must you choosen two, that you would have messengers and guards at the great plains and at the desolate forests.

18.26 Of the fifth, the base tribe, must you choose ten, for they are the most and without them are you like a man who herds the beasts but has lost his herd, like a man who protects beasts but had none of them, like a man who is the protection of his herd but without it, or like a man whose dear brother is lost.

18.27 Thislike shall it be, but I forbid not more of you, wishing to leave, leaving, and if someone feels in his heart the calling to leave alone, or with his chosen one, can he come here, and if my will is like his shall I send a mountain or a rock to travel upon, and to arrive upon to other worlds.

18.28 That how shall you travel upon the mountains to other worlds is a secret greater than I am, and none of those who have not journeyed themselves shall ever know it, but this I can reveal: The emptiness of stars is vast and against life, and wishes to choke everone stepping into it, but you, being the chosen folk and the power of OEDE-Shoggog being with you, shall be protected and you shall not die, only falling to deep sleep, awakening when you arrive to the starbeyond to your new homeland, or when I see it to be right.

18.29 Do this, for this is the destiny of the chosen folk, your birthright, and the glory of OEDE-Shoggog.

18.30 Truly, this have I prepared for you and planned, for I am OEDE-Shoggog, the chooser of the chosen folk.

18.31 No might lesser than I could have done this, and that is why I am OEDE-Shoggog and the protector of the chosen folk.

18.32 And after saying this OEDE-Shoggog let a vision fill the eighth Qlzqqlzuup and the seventh Emperor and the patriarchs of the tribes, and they saw other worlds and distant stars.

18.33 After seeing the vision they went down from the Portal to Stars, and each of them went to his folk, and told the things he had seen and heard and OEDE-Shoggog had said, and many of the chosen folk went and followed the will of OEDE-Shoggog to starts, like it had been decreed, and OEDE-Shoggog was pleased.

18.34 But the eighth Qlzqqlzuup stayed at the tower of Oth-Harg, and pondered these things alone, and saw the great strength and mercy and wisdom of OEDE-Shoggog, and that why his folk was the chosen folk of OEDE-Shoggog.

18.35 This has been written for the greater glory of OEDE-Shoggog, the chooser of the chosen folk, and to the knowledge of the chosen folk, the chosen of OEDE-Shoggog, like the things have happened and OEDE-Shoggog has them guided to be.

18.36 In the glory of OEDE-Shoggog, truly:

18.37 Iah! OEDE-Shoggog!

* * *

Compiling the Book of OEDE-Shoggog

When dealing with such an alien and peculiar writing as the magnificent Book of OEDE-Shoggog, one must proceed in all matters with extreme caution. As such, this version of the Book is drawn together from numerous minor and major sources, and, even if retains the original spirit of the work, has in many sections been forced to follow the major lines of the work, outlined by the so-called alpha majority group of the sources, most clearly evident in the Hamburg manuscript.

To show an example of the matters that have arisen while completing this job, several versions of one of the most varied part, the beginning of the first chapter, are shown below.

(So-called alpha source, or the Hamburg manuscript, translated from german)

1.1 In far away places, as the Pagans tell around their bonfires, and the Lapland shamans howling, leaping over their beds of coal, chant, is told of a child who was begat, and the name of that child was to be, ÖDE-Shoggog.

1.2 And to the name of this child was givet ÖDE, it is... (etc.)

(beta-source does not include the first chapter at all)

(delta-source, from the Oxford University)

1.1 Yea! Hearken ye wordes of ye ANCIENTS, who once ruled ypon EARTH, and once againe SHALL re-do THEIR dominion ypon EARTH.

1.2 THEY made Oede-Shoggog to be THEIR servant, and Oede-Shoggog serveth THEM well ypon gyiding and compassing ye SHAPELESS FOLK.

1.3 And, as ye forbydden Gospels of ye ANCIENTS tell, in ye distante ande olde realm of Vhon was once a childe borne ... (etc.)

(gamma-source, translated from a book recently published in the Nordic lands)

1.1 In the distant land of Vho far away was once upon a time born a child. That was in the old times, before the beginning of the count of time, before even the starting of the Pulse.

1.2 And the name of this child was to be... (etc.)

(omega-source, from a private collection handling certain happenings in Berlin, in the fall of 1995)

1.1 Great and terrible are the Great Ancients to behold.

1.2 May all praise and glory belong to the Great Ancients.

1.3 All remember the One, who was greatest of the Ancients.

1.4 All honor his name and recall his deeds.

1.5 Thus begins the Book of OEDE-Shoggog:

1.6 In the distant land of Vho far away... (etc.)

And, to even further hinder to work of the translator and compiler, there exist some differences even in the very basic elements of the work. The name 'OEDE-Shoggog', for example, is a result of many hours of pained pondering. The best form, and most accurate, would probably be 'Öde-Shoggog', but as the letter ö is quite hard to pronounce for the majority of the english-speaking world, the letter-combination 'oe' has been used instead. To clarify the reasons, the following table is shown:

Source:    Given name:    Final name:

Of the sources, alpha and omega are probably nearest to the original, and the form 'OEDE-Shoggog' has been chosen because of its clearness and legibility. The 'Öde-Skoggog' of the gamma-source is surely a corrupted form that has been mixed with 'Skog', one of the other names used of OEDE-Shoggog in the work. Delta-source follows the standard british way of writing Ö, and beta-source has probably written the name in capitals only for giving a mightily good impression for the audience. Thus, the form OEDE-Shoggog has been used.

Major sources for this compilation of the Book of OEDE-Shoggog:

  • (alpha) 'Scriftlich Teil des Legend ÖDE-Shoggogs', the library of SQS article number 145, labeled Hamburg 1856. Exludes the chapters here numbered 10 and 16-18.
  • (beetta) 'QLZQQLZUUPIN RUKOUS ja muita katkelmia Quylthulgien historiasta', the library of SQS article number 34, labeled Liminka 1924. Includes only the chapters 4,5,10,11 and somewhat clipped versions of 13-15.
  • (delta) 'Ye Booke of OEde-Shoggog of ye Latter-Day Shapeless Saints', Oxford University library of the etymnological subjects article 4501, Antwerpen, Holland 1817, published by Gimmelkopf&sons.
  • (gamma) 'Öde-Skoggogs Boken, och Vlog-Skoggogens Spädommen och Förutsägelsen', private owner, Malmö, Sweden 1982.
  • (omega) Private notes concerning happenings on Wienerbullenstrasse 19 in Berlin from the autumn of 1992 to the fall of 1995, and a cut from der Berliner Zeitung, 12.11.1995.

The compiler wishes to thank Suomen Quylthulg-Seura (SQS, the Finnish Quylthulg Association), for kindly allowing to access the sources herein mentioned.

last updated: (Mar 15 2011)