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a Discordian holey book

a collection of entertainments and annoyances

It is a rule of the Discordian religion that every Discordian is a Pope. Every Pope ought to write at least one holy book — or make at least one holy pamplet, painting, sticker or pile of straw.

This is mine.

So here's the idea: a book is a “holy book” if somebody says so. I say this is. But this book is not yet ready, finished and polished; thus “holey”, not “holy”.

Read more about my goals.

In the manner of proper holy books, MAKHAI is free to use. Copy parts of if; improve it; modify it and preach it. Attribute it to this author, or to any imaginary author you like. (Not yourself. That's tacky.)

MAKHAI is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

I don't endorse the weird things you might do, and I don't want you to endorse everything in this book.