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Hello. My name is Mr. M-of-Eris. You read my website. Prepare to die.

This is a collection of more or less Discordian thought. (In some cases the "less" is actually "not at all".) Discordianism, worship of the goddess Eris Discordia, is zen taken to its ultimate zonclusion and for me it is to religion as the Flying Spaghetti Monster (pasta be unto him) is to Creationism. Others disagree; but a good Discordian always disagrees.

In other words, what you will find here is either personal transcendental illumination, or humorish crap and twaddle. To comment or complain, see the bottom of this page. And remember: I am an honest sage; I tell you up front I lie a lot.

Mr. M-of-Eris,
Trishop Epsilon,
scribbler and proprietor,
Pope (Church of Eris Erisian Eristic)
signed, M.o.E.

last updated: (Jul 01 2011)