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On Finland

Finland — that arctic northern land, a permafrost-ridden province of Sweden until 1809, and a neglected part of the Russian Empire, ever fond of claiming the most hostile places, until 1917 and the Great Bear Revolution. Finland, the place not even the Communists wanted, though in the Winter War of 1939–40 they out of geopolitical necessity tried, only to find out there are feller beasts than mere bears in the woods. Few of those that went into the whisperland came back; less of them wished to tell what they had seen.

Finland, the last bastion of the cold barbarism that was Europe before the rise of the Sons of Aryas, and the invasion of the Kelts.

Finland, a place where reindeer meat is still et, and some live closer to the land than others. Finland, where the borderline between man and animal wavers; Finland, the land of ten thousand legends.

These few words are about that place.

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Really other

These bits are on various subjects, and their deepities are of varying quality.

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