They could be authors

Just in case you need a source for something.

  • Frer Orris I. Oms
  • Sir Rifer Moors
  • Papa Smear
  • From the desk of Neron Kaisar, freelance historian
  • According to Shaikh, the Lurid Murshid of Murky Luristan, faithful servant to the glorious golden mask of Wali Shah Khan, Atabeg of Lesser Luristan and Protector of the Faithful.
  • Metatron Deus Megatron
  • According to Mir Shikar Magus of Isfahan, killed by the Ghilzai in 1717.
  • In the manner of Wazirkhan III, Wazir Shah of Waziristan (1980).
  • Mezame Yoshi (Jap. for "i slept well!"?)
  • Modoc Siskiyou Humboldt, Chief Vril Agartha Master of the State of Shasta.
  • Mary Cone Hotlum, Shastina Mother Warrior of the State of Shasta.
  • This is the account of Modoc Sargents Humboldt, Chief Crystal Master of Weed Black Butte, concerning...
  • From the memoirs of Abbee O'Cloud (1924--1964), called the Humble Facilitator, Prince of the Undermountain, Prince of the Land Above, Th. D. (Blood Crystal).
  • Moses Horns
  • Brutus Crushhand, public relations officer for the Congregation of the Causes of Faith
  • Ambidextrous Hummingbird, LATC
  • Pjotr F. Strangarm, OBE, CALP
  • Merry Yodelingjoy Brightmountain (I-CA)
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