A modest proposal

I propose this: the account of Jesus's death in the Gospels has been wilfully perverted to hide certain true facts about his betrayal and demise; but I cannot say whether it is the hand of conspiracy, or the Hand of God, which has done so. I hope for the latter, for the former would indicate such fundamental corruption in the Holy Mother Church as is impossible to even consider.

Maybe these facts have been concealed until mankind is ready to wage war against these oppressors of human spirit --- if so, then with the advent of atomic weaponry that day must now have come, for to wait and risk our ultimate weapons falling into the hands of these atheists-nihilists-hedonists is too terrible to even imagine! Even the Communists, godless though they are, are like children compared to the depravity of the mathematical beasts; truly, in a struggle against these monsters even a Communist is human enough, decent enough, to be a temporary, uneasy, not altogether trusted ally!

It is recorded in the Table Talk of Winston Churchill, the leader of Britain in the early phases of the War On Communism, that he said this: "Communism is the ultimate evil. If Stalin invaded Hell, I would at least make a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons." In light of what we now know, you and I, and possibly people you can convince of the truth of these awful things, the saying must be reworked thusly: "Mathematics is the ultimate evil. If mathematicians invaded the Soviet Union, I would at the very least make a favorable reference to Mr. Putin in the House of Commons!"

(For an undeniable proof that the current incarnation of "Russia" is nothing but the Soviet Union waiting for a show of weakness by its enemies, see "Is Lenin Really Dead? NO!" by A. Simpson.)

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)