The plus sign of death

An old Gnostic joke goes like this:

A Jewish schoolchild is failing mathematics. Despairing, his parents send him to a remedial class in a local Christian cathedral school, which has a very good reputation as far as mathematics goes.

A few weeks later, there is a big mathematics exam. The child scores full marks; the parents spin round like dreidels in their joy, and the father asks the child if the Christian teaching of mathematics was really this wonderful.

"Oi", the boy says, "they mean business. I knew it the moment I walked in and saw the guy nailed to a plus sign..."

Some may see this joke as funny. Others may consider it antisemitic garbage; or even anti-Christian garbage. These views, while all valid, are incorrect. What this joke is, is a warning, a dim memory of a terrible, ancient secret.

As has been told elsewhere, there are many secret societies that do not wish mankind anything good; and the chief of these is the godless conspiracy of the mathematicians, also called "the Illuminati". That conspiracy dates back to the cult leader, pederast and murderer Pythagoras of Samos (c. 570--495 BC), and has been the scourge of the world ever since, always opposed to everything good, decent and humane, and manipulating every tyranny from the Roman Empire to the offence to God that is the North Korean regime. There is one consequence of this cult's founding, however, that has so far escaped the notice of those few willing to see the world as it is: namely, that the accursed Pythagoras lived his sordid life and died his glutton's death in the years before the birth of our Savior.

This then means the despicable mathematicians existed when our Savior, Jesus Christ, Son of God, was born, lived among us unworthy mortals --- and died. And what was the instrument of his death?

Why, a mathematical plus sign.

And this we are supposed to accept as a coincidence, nothing more? This, the death of the Savior of All Mankind?

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)