As is well recorded, the Apostles were all eventually hunted down and killed by agents of the mathematical conspiracy. Peter was nailed to a plus sign upside down; Andrew his brother was done to death on the cross of multiplication, often misidentified as an "X-shaped cross".

John son of Zebedee was kidnapped, brought to Rome, and killed by marathon fornication by a legion of gay prostitutes. (The God above protected His martyr, and John derived no pleasure from this disgusting, sweaty, panting, weeks-long, sensuous, sublime, ecstatic, vile ordeal. See the work of Thomas Fennaeus, "Tom of Finland", for an illustration of the full, striking, seducing, enticing vile horror of this martyrdom.)

And ever since then, the history of Christianity and of all good, decent men and their wives has been a history of warfare against the plots and horrors of the followers of Pythagoras, Salome, and others seduced by their promises of power, riches, respect and meaning. The days of the end must be close; surely this generation cannot pass away before the end comes; and I believe this truth must be told so no more souls are lost to that eternal churning darkness of sin which is Mathematics.

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)