This is the way the Illuminati are organized to keep their secrets.

There are at least three circles of them. Each circle knows nothing of the ones "over" or "inside" them; sometimes not even their existence. On the edges of the conspiracy new members do not even know what they have joined: they merely think they participate in a Cause, possibly in a Movement. If a Movement has no clear leader, and no clearly defined purpose beyond vague slogans... why, then the orders when they come will be ruthless and impossible to disobey, and they will come from the Illuminati. Members will be swept up in wild enthusiasm, and a Leader will rise --- most probably just another Illuminati puppet, much dismayed when his or her end comes, and the cause is spent. (For illustrations of this malign cycle see: the various anti-war movements, the evolutionist movement, the suffragettist movement, RAF (English), and Neue Deutsche Härte.) Such Causes are ordered around by the First Circle of the Illuminati, which is the outmost one that, even vaguely, knows what it is.

(Several lesser conspiracies are "member-organizations" of the First Circle. These include the Freemasons (businessmen), the Jebusites (religious leaders), the Skull and Crossproduct (academicians), the Pharyngulate Coil (minions and ilk of the Morrisian Tentacle), and the Stoneworkers at Bondage (actual masons). In these, the neophyte knows merely of the outer order, and not of the Illuminati rot within.)

Beyond that is a much smaller and more guarded circle, the Main Line --- here "small" is of course relative. Feuerwohl speculated before his disappearance that there might be a million (!) main-line Illuminati in the world, ten million first circle members, and naturally hundreds of millions of unsuspecting collaborators and possible future inductees. (The Illuminati choose their members; there is no way to "join" them, and the results of trying range from futile to fatal.)

Above the Main Line is the Inner Circle --- but again, though this name sounds "final", it can just as well be chosen to sound so. Adams's closely guarded speculation was that there were twenty-three diminishing circles of Illuminati, each ignorant of the structure of those above it; the Twenty-Third Circle was organized into twenty numbered positions: Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four, and so on to Forty-Two, who was the Rex Illuminatum Mundi et Caelestia, Omniphage, possibly Satan himself. (Or, in Adams's view, Ronald Reagan --- but his theories of three clone-Reagans, numbers Forty to Forty-Two, were never particularly well received.)

This onion-like (but onion of evil!) structure of the Illuminati is not the full extent of the confusion which is their organization, however: for each circle is divided into many factions and cabals that actively conceal their actions and aspirations from each other. (Not so much from those above them --- the one detail all accounts of the Illuminati agree on is that a member of the conspiracy can never hide, and never hide anything from his or her superiors. This omniscience is variously described as "demonic", "divine" or simply "unnatural" --- telepathy, familiar spirits, scrying, predictive supercomputers, or an endless army of very tiny spies; there are many explanations but always the same thing being explained.)

Several of these factions are known to those with the eyes to see them; many more exist. However, what is more startling is which organizations are not Illuminati fronts or controlled by them.

To start with --- the Communist Part of the Soviet Union never was an Illuminati-controlled operation; but the Soviet Academy of Sciences was! Recently released documents from the KGB archives reveal that the rogue geneticist Trofim Lysenko was actually not a Stalinist stooge, but a patriot fighting the Illuminati puppet science establishment to bring food and freedom to the oppressed Soviet people! The excesses of his biology were calculated to draw out the ire and the hand of the unseen rulers; the hand which he intended to nail to the quivering wood of Mother Russia with the aid of the incorruptible KGB! Sadly, he did not succeed; the Academy Illuminati got to Stalin, and whispered Lysenko into disfavor and oblivion.

Second, the American political scene is largely Illuminati-free --- there are no agents aware of being such in the high positions of either of the two parties: not among the Democrats, not among the Republicans. The last president to be an Illuminati was Grover "Red Skull" Cleveland, who left the office in 1897. By that time the Gilded Age of the Senate and associated political bodies was so evident there was --- as in Russia a few short decades later --- no need to infiltrate the high echelons of power. Instead the Illuminati infiltrated the media, the bullhorn whose tumult politicians had grown to follow. (Indeed, for the past century one can clearly see that any major political change did not lack a generous covering of media attention: attention which compelled implementation.)

One can easily see this by a sketch of a timeline: In 1897, Cleveland left office and retired to his estate to indulge in animal sacrifices and sodomy. His four years in office had been a disappointment to the Illuminati, and their wheels of malign influence and invention were already in motion.

In 1895 the "Yellow Kid", the first successful American cartoon, began to plague the pages of newspapers. It wasn't so very political as the editorial cartoons of the past few decades; no, instead it lulled the reader into a false grandfatherly sense of security, so making sure the newspaper readers would be receptive to what the newspapermen wished them to believe and demand.

In 1897 (coincidence?), Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio; in 1906 the first radio station began operation with a bit of music and a Bible passage. (From Joshua: "His hand is at your throat, yet you see Him not. Be thee thence wary that thee not anger the Lord who is your stern master.") The Golden Age of Radio lasted just long enough for a vastly more malign instrument to be implemented: the television. (The word combines the Greek "tele", far, with Latin "visio", sight. That is not as suspicious as "cacotelevision", CCTV --- the Greek "kako" means evil, as in "kakodaimon", evil spirit.)

In 1948, some heroic soul at the Chigaco Tribune tried to run an article expressing what was clearly true, what was heard from every ballot box and voting point, what was bombarded on every news office, and in every one ignored and left unmentioned: "DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN". That lone brave soul was the only contrary voice in an ocean of carefully machinated deception; hence he was branded a fool, an idiot, mistaken and... in error. When everyone else lies through their teeth, the lone truthteller is... in error. Consider that the next time you see the familiar picture of Truman smirking, holding up the dissenting frontpage.

And finally, with the advent of the Internet, the Illuminati triumph was complete. A fool might think otherwise, spout a long spell of citizen journalists and bloggers --- but that is an illusion. If anyone can have a say, no-one can. Private persons do not have the time, skill and resources of trained anti-information and disinformation agents. The Internet discourse is not so much governed by what people say as by how groups react to each other --- any group can be made to appear ridiculous and extremist if their allies and enemies are of a correct nature. And then there are the subtle takedowns and alterations of content, either "DMCA-covered" or then secret --- indeed, with the right technical savvy, a blogger could spill all the secrets of the Illuminati, and never notice they didn't go unaltered beyond his router! (One would merely wonder why his outpourings did not appear as shocking to others as to the author --- because they were modified! --- and why the only comment-maker who really seemed to get it was so damned critical and sarcastic --- an Illuminati stooge!)

So: Never believe anything you read on the Internet. If it is not an Illuminati front, it is altered by them. Especially remember this --- if anyone is accused of being a stooge, a plant, a shill in the pay of bigger interests --- they probably are. Because the Illuminati know that under their influence such accusations only discredit the one making them.

So, to conclude: It is clear to anyone with eyes to see that the power in today's America is not in the hands of the people, or the politicians --- no, it is the media which rules all, and they are not and do not even pretend to be democratically elected, or all that interested in the truth of things. "Ratings! Sweeps! Entertainment value! We're a business operation! Money! What they want, not what they need! We're just giving a viewpoint! We don't judge!" --- all excuses for their domination.

This should be enough for those that want to see; after this is clear and apparent to you, the rest of the hidden Illuminati come crawling out of the woodwork pretty quickly.


1: One may wonder if the Nazis were an Illuminati front. The short answer to that is "No". The long answer's the same, too. Hitler and his coterie of ridiculous, cartoonish villains were ignored by the Illuminati leadership until it was much too late to stop them: hence the Illuminati allowed events to proceed under their own weight, resulting in monstrosities, revulsion, and the eventual defeat of Hitler and his posse. The only unusual detail is that the "Eva Braun" that Hitler married days before their deaths was no German woman, but the Russian imperial princess Anastasia. She had been Hitler's future tool for the pacification of the east; but that time never came.

2: "Allowed events to proceed under their own weight" --- there is a theory that without the guiding hand of the Illuminati mankind, being shortsighted and brutish, would "sink to depravities far exceeding those of the National Socialists and the Communists". ("O" the Oprah Magazine, Nov. 2009 issue) This may however be just a red herring or some other fishy Illuminati trick.

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