North Korea: A Call for Apocalypse

Through the the "Pente-Grams the Pentecostal Newswire"

Communism is dead. Soviet Russia is no more, praise God; Communist China is totalitarian, but not all that Communistic anymore; praise God.

There remains only one bastion of that Satanic ideology; only one place where it still freely perverts every decent impulse, and shackles all men in the chains of death without hope.

That place is the Stalinistic, Satanistic, militaristic, opportunistic, socialistic, sadistic, totalitarianistic regime of oppressive tyranny which is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea; the Abomination of the East.

In the true spirit of the decrepit ideology of Communism, the country's current and Eternal President still is Kim Il-sung, dead and frying in the fires of Hell since 1994. The position of President remains his, though he is gone to his punishment; so do these atheists make false gods of their own bestial bosses of brutality.

Many think North Korea a small, harmless nation --- but it is not so. It has an army of ten million, I repeat, ten million ruthless, fanatical soldiers, backed by more endless millions of brainwashed and inhuman slave drones; it has half a century of ceaseless burrowing in the cold hills of Hamgyong, resulting in the most formidable chains of fortresses and catacombs this world has ever seen. It is the opinion of US military experts that even full-scale nuclear warfare would not be sufficient to neutralize these strongholds. If it comes to that undesirable end-result of global thermonuclear war --- the monsters of North Korea will be the only survivors!

Given that there are 24 million of these North Korean fanatics, and ten million of them are armed and trained to never surrender, there can be no normal war against them. What war ever counted on the armed, organized hostility of fully one half of the enemy's population? An invasion of North Korea would be a bloodbath beyond all imagining even without the forts --- and the fortresses are vast enough to contain all of the population many times over. Reputedly they may already do: paranoia and fear of invasion has led North Korea leaders to form vast domed cities underground, fed by spiraling limbs of fungus farms; the children of those dark places never see the sun as they wait to die to kill the enemy that is sure to come.

And this is not all --- the bloody Korean War of 1950-53 left almost 150 000 American, British, French and Australian soldiers unaccounted for, lost behind enemy lines; they were all assumed dead, murdered in cold blood. But according to Steve Wan Lon, a defector from behind the Korean Curtain, that was not the case: the prisoners were herded into minework pits for slave labor, and then into ever longer underground tunnels, until today half a million half-Korean, half-American brainwashed fanatics crouch in caves under Paektu-san Mountain: half a million self-loathing slaves eager to serve, ever ready to infiltrate the hated enemy and bring it down from within.

Their numbers, and their nihilistic zeal, have been added to by the inclusion of Communist escapees from every single failed Communist state: Soviet Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Albania, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Cuba, China, Vietnam --- all these, and the exiles of thirty more nations, being the trash deported by the valiant, alert stormtroopers of godly, Christian democracy!

In that vast cauldron under Paektu-san the mix and brood and bide; a hybrid race of all the world's evil. As all races and nations are represented there, so are all the vices and depravities of the world: sadism, molestation, pornography, homosexuality, atheism, agnosticism, cannibalism, murder, rape, "heavy metal" music, necrophilia, zoophilia, floraphilia, nudism, self-pollution, caffeinism, mail order fraud, and even shamelessly open ritualistic orgiastic hedonistic voyeristic Satanism!

Their days are filled with the piping voice of speakers hung in every room that drone and squeal of the supposed glory of the filthy, filthy, filthy ideology, and the supposed immoral depravity of the pure Christian Western opponents.

Their nights are filled with the same, for the speakers are never turned off!

There is no rest for them; the daily, ritually, desecrate the holiest symbols of their enemies, and thus their contempt of us grows. They wipe on the flags of the free world; they urinate on crucifixes and busts of our valiant presidents; they tear up Bibles for notepaper and napkins; their children are swaddled in the cassocks of murdered priests; their nails have images of saints on them so they may build by hammering and mauling the holy, striking them until their features are obliterated by this savage underhanded assault; there are even rumors of monstrous punishments in hidden places to those deemed disloyal: crucifixion or worse.

Outside, things are not much better. The mountains of North Korea are storm-swept, thin of vegetation and thinner of air; it is this howling solitude which keeps their tops free of human habitation. But not from all habitation --- for in the manner of their Stalinist masters, the evil scientists of North Korea have committed the ultimate blasphemy, and made a woman mate with beasts, resulting in unclean offspring which are an abomination unto the Lord and in the eyes of men. These hairy ape-men are tall, rangy, flat-faced and long in jaw and thigh, sloped of shoulder, and covered with matter white fur that only enhances the bestial, slavering moral idiocy of their twisted, fanged, noseless half-human faces. These are the yeti of Korea; their cruel claws and cold rifles keep the mountains clear of all foreign intrusions, and their cannibalistic raids are the reason for the dead cordon of the Demilitarized Zone that rings this evil empire.

Who is the leader of all this? The leader is a tyrant, a supposed god on earth, a king, a master, a president, an emperor --- these words are all the same in their Communist cant; and the ideology of North Korea is called Juche, or "For the Emperor". They live and die feeling more ardently, more passionately, their supposed bond to this false god than the bonds to their own families. They starve to feed his gluttonous table; they die in malnourished droves to raise ever higher atheist temples to him; they swoon in evil blindness when an orator berates them for their tardiness and unwillingness in their slavish submission to the shadow of this phantom, and tells them this callous, ungodly mission: "The ideal of Juche is this: the great revered leader is your heart. Until your love of your own life and all in it, until your love of your family and children is as hatred compared to your devotion to the great revered leader, until that is as clear as breathing to you, Juche will not be, and you will not be true Communists." Even the less draconian commandments don't stray from this masochistic theme: "Worker! Adore your fellow worker and adore your Revered Leader, and the Communist paradise shall be ours!"

Who is this Revered Leader? He is the same malign spirit that has animated this abomination against God ever since its first inception in the Communist fires of the Second World War: Kim Il-sung, whose name means "the Dragon of the East". And he is a Dragon, as is told in the Revelation! Many think him dead; they foolishly think mere cancer, age, cirrhosis, nephritis, syphilis, AIDS, heart attacks and chest necrosis would be enough to kill a man so evil as he. Most official accounts will say he died in 1994; this is a lie, and anyone who tells it is an uninformed spawn of Satan.

Kim Il-sung is not dead.

Those that serve Satan as loyally as he has never die if they can find any blasphemy to avoid their judgment, for they know God is not a God of mercy, but shall judge them harshly and sent them to eternal fire and the worm that gnaws, where they will be a subject to unspeakably painful torture that never lessens, that never dulls the senses, never ceases its rending, mind-tearing, soul-crippling, agonizing pain; the pain of whips and hooks, fires and broken bones, crushing pressure and the horror of losing one's body; and that, repeated again and again, without the respite of familiarity or madness, each second as vivid and agonizing as the first, for all eternity, for millions of millions of millions of years, which is the merest first second of it, shall not be enough to atone for the hurt his lifespan of villainy has wrought.

No, the beast formerly known as Kim Il-sung lives on: for no crime is unknown in that shuttered land of sin; and so from the millions of the downtrodden slaves a perfect candidate was found, and strapped down on a gurney of stainless steel, and murdered in mind and soul; and then the sin-blackened disembodied brain of Kim Il-sung was inserted into the victim's clean-scraped cranium, so that in a new body the old brain might live again, as a nominal son of the unspeakable father. What humanity, what promise was in that new shell was snuffed out, scraped out, dumped into a trash-heap: the body became a merely inhuman shell for the Satanic intelligence of his lord and master; and the tyranny went on. It shall go on for a long, long time, too, because there are endless warm bodies to house his diabolical intelligence, for though bodies fail, the human brain never needs to die.

What will you do with this knowledge?

Rest easy, thinking your beyond this monstrosity's reach?

Ignore it, spurning the Christian compassion of those who delivered it?

Doubt it, placing your soul in mortal danger by so ridiculing the messengers of the Lord?

Or wake up to this monstrosity, this abomination, this blasphemous, godless, pornographic affront to all that is decent and good which is North Korea?

If you would not be found sleeping when the Lord cometh and the Day of Judgment is here, rise, rise now, and call on Caesar to prepare for a Holy War against the godless demons of Korea! God's cleansing thermonuclear fire shall scour them off the face of this good green earth, if we but send our missiles on their way trusting in the Highest --- his hand shall guide them, his breath shall confound the foe; his fist shall strike with them, and blast their teeming warrens of mountain fastnesses in half and cleanse the rot within! They will all die! The iron hand of Lord God Yahweh will kill them all! Praise Jesus! Amen!

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last updated: (Mar 14 2011)