Secret Time IV: Ur-Time

(Fact-checked by Tibetan Grand Masters)


Iä! Hear me, Cloacina! My sewers are clogged; my water closet overflows. There is a stench in my house and a cloud on my brow; my mood is black, my floor brown. Hear me, o Cloacina, lady queen of the sewers and the waterways, Cloacina, the Queen in Yellow, hear me, and let what which clogs me be unclogged. Okay, thanks, bye. In nomine Iok-Sioth, amun!

* * *

c. 6500 BCE

Tiamat the Atlantean arrives to the confluence of Tigris and Euphrates, and builds a temple there; she is the first Ruler of the Two Rivers, or the Wom'a Nether Erenn. This Nether Erenn is the most glorious of the successor states of Atlantis and his sister realms; far exceeding in its opulence and benevolence Egypt, Agartha and the Three Islands. Tiamat dies c. 6000, exhausted in the absence of the light of Siragosa; she leaves behind five centuries' worth of sons and daughters and their descendants. At her death, her dominion extends to locations currently known as Turkey, Siberia, India, Arabia and South Africa. Out of courtesy and disgust, she kept away from Egypt and Agartha. She did not wish to initiate a war against them; and they did not dare to oppose her. The dominion proves too vast to be ruled by someone not educated by the sages of Kadatheron, and grown tall and silk-sheened in the light of Siragosa; and so Tiamat's successors divide the realm into five parts, each ruled by those of her descendants deemed most fitting for the job.

In the central portion her lined was soon extinguished, and a crude band of rebels, calling themselves by the grandiose name of the Lords of Brightness, took that portion over. The kingdom of Sumer is their creation; their origin is the reason they remembered Tiamat as a demon, and the band's first leader, Marduk, as a god.

The second of the other four shards was the Dominion of Irem, second in power but the last in daring. Irem's artisans built an iron tomb for Tiamat, and had the honor of housing her remains in their capital; but their land underwent a slow change, and they died choking in dust, cursing their ancestors for falsely claiming their land one of flowers and flowing water. The black iron tomb of Tiamat was lost with them.

The third of five was the dominion of I'chin; knowing the doom that had befallen Atlantis, and seeing the follies of the Lords of Brightness, they refused to build cities, and pulled down their capital, Zamar Akand; they become breeders of horses and vaster beasts. Some remnant of them, robbed of all but the smallest and most docile of their many beasts of burden, eventually wandered to the evil plateaus of the far north, and did not enter the history until long millennia had passed, and a man called Temujin, silver-eyed in the fashion of Tiamat, had become their leader. Others of I'chin went east, led by a Sun King; some say China was founded by them before falling under the sway of Agartha.

The fourth was a ship-building people who loved the Sea of India; they were taken by a death that came from the sea.

The fourth were the Zuul, who ruled a dominion in the south of Africa; their history was long and full of wisdom and glory, but they became obsessed with the lands of Antarctica, and entered into a war to conquer that wasteland of many secrets. Their opponents were various warlike barbarians of black-and-white striped skin of the land, who knew the hidden secrets of that place, but were not willing to tell them. The Zuulians' king, Rhumao, eventually adopted a chieftain's daughter of these Bird People, one Gosauza; but as the Bird People became civilized, their war against the Zuulians became ever fiercer, and more sophisticated, and more full of terrible fear at the catastrophes the Zuulians' ambition might unleash upon the world. (It is told the brick cylinders of Kadatheron say, "The southern ice is a tomb for this earth; when it thaws, we all must march in, never to return.") The dominion of Zuul was repelled from the south by Gozar daughter of Gosauza; the south and Zuul both declined, neither achieving their ambition.

The fifth descendant of Tiamat is not spoken of; they have turned to things which are a curse and an abomination.

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