Secret Time II: Atlantis

(Fact-checked by Tibetan Grand Masters)


Iä! Hear me, Láverna! Let she or he who steals this sacred wisdom be marked in thy inedible ichors till the one star ceases its grinding course. Let her or his soul be in thy teeth and thy cruel mandibles and womandibles; let she or he feel the full and unending penalty which is the torture of those who slight the occult copyright! In nomine Iok-Sioth, amun!

* * *

The Age of Atlantis
(55 000 to 45 000 BCE)

Atlantis is the only civilization on Earth; it is notable for being a civilization of exceedingly hairy Neanderthals, unlike the civilizations that follow it.

The Age of Glory
(45 000 to 40 000 BCE)

Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu grow. Towards the end of this period, Atlantis sinks to paralyzing introspection, and the endless war of Lemuria and Mu begins. The Age of Glory is held to have ended with the formation of the Atlantean Outer Empire by Mauzaz-Zauron-Chio.

The Age of Blood
(40 000 to 30 000 BCE)

The war of Lemuria and Mu becomes a habit of life for the both of them; their culture decays, and the religion of Mu withers, leaving only the worship of the pre-human temple of green and gold.

The Atlantean Empire is vast, and cruel. Emperor Mauzaz fights the Atlantean colony of Uluzia (in modern Italy), and defeats it; by this victory he gains control of all Atlanteans outside the interior of the Atlantean continent, and hence control of all the world round it. After long years of conquest, Mauzaz leaves the throne, abandons his bodyguard (the Mauzayiside Legion), and goes into the heartlands of Atlantis; his successors are less capable, but not less ambitious.

The Downfall
(30 042 BCE)

The drowning of Atlantis. The death of Lemuria. The end of Mu. Atlantean survivors include Mauzaz, who becomes the first patriarch of the Yis barbarians; Barus, the high priest who founds the first dynasty of Egypt; and Tiamat, the high priestess of Illith whose journey takes her to the southern polar wastes, to the ruins of Lemuria, and finally through the biting sands of Arabia to the Land of Two Rivers. Lemurian survivors dig Agartha under the Himalayas. Their abode above the ground, Zhang-Ri-Alal, is destroyed by steel insects and they shut the gates of the mountain. There are no survivors from Mu.

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