Secret Time I: Pre-Atlantean

(Fact-checked by Tibetan Grand Masters)


Iä! Hear me, Laverna! Let he or she who steals this holy knowledge be marked in thy indelible ichor till the stars cease their grinding courses. Let his or her soul be in thy claws and thy merciless mandibles and womandibles; let he or she feel the full and endless penalty which be the torture of those who slight the occult copyright! In nomine Iok-Sioth, amun!

* * *

The Age Before Man

Man is neither the first nor the supreme of the intelligences the universe contains; neither is he the oldest in this stellar system of ours. Long before the first man rose, there was a kind of being, separatedly risen, that were all Women; and there was no man among them; and they were fell and inhuman, tall and proud, and though superficially human-looking, there were differences enough to drive a strong man mad. It is said they rose on the planet near to Earth; and in time they came to master walking among the stars, and colonized each globe that orbits our sun. Their history was long enough to be almost endless, but of it just three details remain: their homeworld was destroyed by a weapon; that weapon was a howling face on the surface of Mars; and before the last extremity of their life drew to a close, they made many slave races, one of which was shaped to have two distinct forms, each an inheritor of a fair half of their follies and faults. These were the first men and women.

The Age of Slavery
(to c. 65 million years ago)

The numbers of the various slave races grow, while those of their masters dwindle. After the last one is gone, the slave races build confused, unstable empires of their own; when their inherited technology fails and their empires fall, they do not rise again. The ersatz cities of the pleasure-slaves and gladiators and rememberers and gardeners and aesthetic bodies and pretty faces all fall to confusion, ruin, and barbarity. So too happens to the enclave of the comical reliefs, the ancestors of us humans; and when the dreadful death-face of Cydonia starts to burn again, a desperate few board a ship left from the old days and head out. As they are worthless navigators, the ship soon becomes a careening meteor; and in their rush to escape they struck the planet Earth with force enough to erase all remainders of the old days from it, with force enough to kill billions, many of which screamed full of sapience as they died. That was 65 million years ago; the place of that impact is called Chicxulub.

How then did mankind survive? Well, the face of Cydonia was the red death of all that remained on Mars; other stellar bodies slowly decayed and their inhabitants perished; or so it is said. On Earth, what life the planet had slowly recovered; but its share of sapience was gone. Yet something remained, for the masters had built their ships well, though witless fools had used them. In a shard something of the ship remained, in a molted ruin thrown spinning into a teeming jungle; and the shard, with implacable will, and horrible slowness, began to consider its destruction. Through some long and cold process it considered what its passengers has been: pets, it concluded; slave beings. It had no instructions, and in their absence it began to spin and create, and reached sharp fingers to grasp passing Earth-animals, life-forms too curious to flee. These the ship killed, stripped, rebuilt, and gave life to. First one; all alone, for the next one would be a hundred years in the making. Eventually enough of the human pets, patched together from monkey DNA, for them to breed on their own. The ship did not understand the slave-beings had had intelligences, wills, and desires; the creates it made were dull and empty vessels for all manner of superstitions and rituals. Before speech had risen again among them, before the relearn the wearing of clothes even, they had spread far and wide across the world.


The shard itself, having repaired what it could of its contents, turned to rebuilding itself the best it could; but this was slow, as it needed materials that were not easy to make, unless its eventually near-effortless perversion of simian material to house reasonable facsimiles of its transported pets. (The masters had not built the original ship to be mindful of the exact state of its lesser contents; and the shard was not as mindful as the whole ship might have been. Eventually the shard rises up on its own, but something in its reconstruction has been faulty; it plunges down again, into the sea, and disappears.

(There are rumors, surely wild and false ones, which say the shard, or some similar survival of the slave-appropriated mindful transports of the masters, did reconstruct its traces of its former human passengers many times, sometimes with the DNA of serpents, sometimes with that of fishes. Each time the results were more witless than they had been before their bodily deaths; each time they disappeared into the wild as brutish animals, and lost all memory of their origins. But if this theory of multiple reconstructions is not true, what else then remains? Did some slave inhabitants of this sphere of ours survive the catastrophe of the masters, and the catastrophe of the Chicxulub impact? And if so, did the shard eventually come to a stop somewhere? There have always been rumors of creature much like men, except made in the fashion of serpents, birds, fishes or lions like we are made in the image of apes and monkeys; the ancestral will to the recovery of pets and other incidentals, carefully and quietly monitored and recorded by engines capable of calculating the distances and dimensions of space, might be a reason for those tales.)

This all is legend, almost forgotten; it would have no-one to recount and remember it, if not for the whispers and relics recovered during the great digs of the Kingdom of Valusia, which long after Atlantis discovered what the Atlanteans themselves had not known. (Then again, one might ask if the Atlanteans had attained their pinnacle of peace and prosperity if they had known their origins --- Valusia did not last long after it found out the origins of all mankind. It might have been an empire to rule the world after Atlantis's passing, master of science and art, cognizant of evolution, and of the golden mean --- instead it remained a neurotic island of frightened dilettantes, weeping over monumental pits yielding ruins vaster than their ragged diameters, and eventually facing the invading barbarians and the rising waters with a fatalist's indifference to death and passing away.)

Those that once had been the pets of vaster beings, and briefly masters of their own destiny, were thus robbed of their wits and their memories; and long millions of years passed. The impact at Chicxulub was 65 million years ago --- a span too immense for a human mind to grasp. The shard slowly released its reconstructed cargo: the homo species of erectus, habilis and eventually sapiens. And out of Africa, the blind and witless survivors staggered, not knowing their origins. Half a million years ago the ship vomited forth its last, most accurated representations of its original contents --- the homo neanderthalensis; but they were not to be the one species that survived. That dubious honor befell the homo sapiens, a malformed kin full of selfish cunning. Long years passed; by some 100 000 years ago the sapiens species had either exterminated or enslaved all neanderthalensis humans; what remained of them eventually, slowly, passed unwillingly into the bloodlines of the sapiens. By 30 000 years ago the neanderthalensis branch, the truest representation of true, ancient humanity, was no more; that which had not become a part of the inferior sapiens bloodstream was overthrown in the wreck of their only empire.

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