Judas and Paul

There was no Judas. Judas Iscariot was an invention of Pauline Christians who wanted to make the disciples seem as dull and unworthy as possible; there was a proto-Christian sect in Jerusalem that revered the disciples, but the Pauline one in Damascus revered their outsider apostle more. Thus Judas's invention was a giant 300-foot tall flaming "Fuck you" sign to the disciples' sect; a shameless intimation of "This is the kind of people the disciples are. Oh, and that rat Peter denied the Lord thrice. And see, more stories of Jesus being brilliant and the disciples being total morons!"

One supposes the disciples' camp had equivalent stories of the inferior apostle, one that went to lecture in vain to the useless, worthless gentile masses; and one can suppose, even, that the story there had a betrayal, too --- a certain hunter of heretics, a Jew who had taken the citizenship and become wicked and Romanized; a hunter of heretics out of greed, not want of justice; briefly one of the chosen, forgiven as Jesus had forgiven even the tax-collector swine: and then in a moment of fundamental weakness and greed for silver, Paul, the betrayer of Jesus Christ, now fled to far ports and places dark and foul.

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