der Schlafende Grüne Gott

And the people said one to another, let us go, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly, and have bricks of stone, and mortar of slime and ichor. And they said, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven, and roots into hells below; and let that be our fame; and let it be known to the whole earth.

And the god of the tower awoke in the city and the tower, which the people had built; and the god said, behold, they have as one come to me; and nothing has restrained them; and they are without hesitation or hope. So then I shall go among them, and confound their eyes, and inflame their brains, and give their bodies to the maggot of time, that they may never speak again.

So the god came out of the tower, and the tower fell; and the god scattered them and slew them; ground them down and in lye dissolved them; and there was not one left.

Therefore is the name of that place Arlyeh; because the god did there come out of its tomb, and as a and into the tomb of men; and there has no human feet ever after trod, in that place where geometry is wrong, and the sleeper dead.

(From Volli Diot's Der Ur-Genesis und der Schlafende Grüne Gott.)

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