Alpine Phaeton

Consider Phaeton, the son of Helios, the sun-god. The lad did not believe his parentage, and demanded that Helios let him drive the chariot of the sun, the chariot of the gods, for a day: surely if he was the son of Helios, he could do that, and doing that be assured Helios was his father.

The sun-god agreed, reluctantly, much against his better judgment; he stalked to the stables, muttering of reins of fire, fire-breathing horses and the like. Helios gave his son an oil that would keep him from burning; but he could not give him the necessary wisdom and strength. Hence an Africa burned black by the wildly veering chariot's passage, and Europe in darkness --- eventually the gods were so distressed Zeus, the father of them all, had no other recourse but to throw a bolt of lightning at the chariot, downing it and killing Phaeton.

Hence a phaeton is one who would, willingly or no, set the world aflame.

Then there is the asteroid that hit the Austrian Alps in 3123 BC, arcing in from the south. It must have left Africa singed by its passage through the upper airs, or at least bathed in a fearful glare; and its impact made a cloud of mist and dust to shadow most of Europe for weeks.

Now, there is no reason to invoke a Tunguskaic "space alien" Phaeton steering the asteroid; such imaginings are best left to the febrile cloud cuckoolanders who can entertain them, and be by them entertained; they have no place in a serious scientific scrutiny of the world.

The thing is, however, that out of all the equally squalid civilizations of man the one that first conquered the world came from Europe, round the shaken Alps: warlike Romans, conquering Spaniards and empire-minded British, and the like. Civilizations round other peaks --- China and India on opposing sides of the Himalayas, Russia divided by the Urals, plainsland Scythia and ancient Persia marked by the Caucasus, Africa boxed in from the eastern ranges of Kilimanjaro to the heights of the Ahaggar and the Table Mountain --- made great advances, sent out feelers, but never went forth to any lasting conquest. Yet this is not due to any difference in the people, or the culture, or the biogeography of their circumstances. What else then remains, except that mountains tend to retard ambition, and in Europe's mountains that retardant was killed by an asteroid? (The Scandinavian peaks remained untouched; and the Scandinavian nations did not advance past few insignificant Viking raids.)

And what that means is, Europe was accidentally cleansed of the taint of the psychic vampire Vril-Agartha Hidden Masters, and it is our destiny to similarly free the rest of the world. Thus, by impeccable scientific logic, atomic bomb the Kilimanjaro! Atomic bomb the Kilimanjaro! Kill them with fire!

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)