More fetishes of Zeus

The girl Europa. Zeus as a white bull. And here "bull" is in the literal sense: a big terrifying snorting animal with horns. King of the Gods? I'd say asshole rapist of the gods, but if I did, the next item would probably be snake impregnation through the rectum.

The woman Io. Zeus turned to a white cloud of mist, and then turned Io into a white heifer. Yes, dear reader, he turned into mist, turned her to a cow, then did the nasty. I swear I've read a lot of fetish porn, but I've never seen anything so fucking confusing and disturbing as this.

Then, finally, Limos, the goddess of starvation, a daughter of Zeus by Eris the goddess of Discord. I think we all agree that the combination of Zeus the distressingly inventive and Eris the somewhat random is something we... will not want put down on paper. Unless that sweaty paper's hidden somewhere safe. "And that was the preternaturally quick bearing and birth of the Hungry One, and the reason why Zeus had no children after that."

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)