This is something all religious people know: if God sends you vague feelings of comfort and/or unease, you're doing it right.

If God speaks to you in the voice of Lisa Simpson and tells you to go and kill and eat, for what God has made holy cannot be unclean; well, then you are nuts.

This division is very instructive; actually, every church has an unspoken fractal line where messages-from-God turn into psychoses, into stuff that will get one a lot of uncomfortable stares and awkward silences. And maybe nice men in whites, or in blues. Like this: Suppose one's marriage goes kablooey, and one prays.

Comfort from God, a sense that you will cope somehow...

...and by "coping", God means "kill the traitorous genital-epithet-person!"

A feeling the other (let's say "she") will come back, if that is God's will...

...and things are expedited by the magic words of love transmitted to you through the toaster. ("Barmum. Kippash. Bibulibe!")

A feeling that you ought to not give up. God'll give you strength... stay up watching in her bedroom window all night.

And so on.

Then again, several of these are okay in the theological sense if intoned by a priest instead of a voice inside one's head; indeed, priests are a great invention for the expansion of the "Why are you looking at me like that?" bubble.

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)