The following recipes have been removed after consultation with the Secretary of the Chamber of the Illuminati Primes: Ambrosia. Amrita. Nectar. Soma. Bufonite. Batrachite. Krattenstein. Crapaudine. Lapis Bufonis. Lapis Borax. Panacaea. Edible Ichor. Manna. Manna Light. New Manna (Vatican II special limited time offering). Water of Youth. Water of Middle-Age. Water of Geezer the Geezerian. New Coke.

The bitter dregs of despair (one serving) --- Take 1 ounce of ash. Dissolve in a pint of water. Add lemon juice, 2 cc tears, 10 cc sulphur and a touch of urine. Bring to boil; leave in the kettle for 2--3 weeks. Consume with much grimacing.

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)