Reptoids and reploids

(A promotional excerpt from "From Atlantis to Roswell: The Shocking Truth of the Birth and the End of the Human Race! Illustrated Edition" by Ms. Ebichu Kaishonashi, forthcoming from Kitten-Eater Press.)

The Atlanteans were reptilian humanoids. Being masters of tyranny, they developed ways to walk among humans looking like humans do; but they could or would not altogether disguise themselves. A reptoid as a woman had a vagina dentata; a reptoid as a man had the back orifice so equipped. These both gave rise to quite eccentric folk tales, but were probably chosen as both a mark of identification and a weapon of frightening aspect and surprising reach.

Reptoids should be carefully distinguished from reploids, which were manikin human bodies, just the same as humans, but without a soul. These the Atlanteans manufactured for possession by demons; for a demon to possess an ensouled human being required the assistance of a circle of seven magicians. Worse still, the Atlanteans in their boundless malice manufactured "modified souls" (kon-paku), which were much like humans, and lived in reploid bodies, but could be easily pushed aside by an invading mind.

In fact some say that in the beginning there were no "real" humans at all: merely reploids that ran away with their modified souls, and became the first ancestors of the human race. One should note that apes and other animals do not have souls, and are not self-aware: but that ensouled self-awareness arrived in human beings, and only quite recently. This points toward the Atlantean lizard-men using ape stock in their experiments, which is indeed collaborated by genetic and scientific evidence. The body was relatively unchanged; the mind and its anchors were something altogether new.

Indeed, a Hittite stone tablet found by Heershay in 1906 records a folk tale where the first human pair, Dust and Gasp (man and woman respectively) had to steal "light for the eyes of their children" from a night-god that had "locked up all light save what was in the skies"; in the end Dust and Gasp escape "covered in the light of life" and find that whatever spark of intelligence they have, now passes to their children, thanks to the vague taint acquired in their search for more souls. The comment on "all light save what was in the skies" collaborates the mainstream view that the Atlanteans were of extraterrestrial origin.

That extraterrestrial origin ties neatly in with their departure, too. The reptoids' human creations had been a runaway success, or a group of successful runaways anyway; and as the Twentieth Century began, the reptoids were too few in number to return to their abandoned position as the rulers of this planet. They could have easily destroyed all life on Earth --- but destruction is easier and less profitable than rule. Thus they gambled on a particular group of men, infiltrating their ranks, leading their plans, and making them the "cover story" of their reconquest --- but the puppets lost. What reptoids remained, ferried themselves to Antarctica and their hidden spaceport there, and lifted off to the stars, never again to return to this place of their failure.

To this the natural, reasonable rejoinder is, if the reptoids were so cold and vicious, why didn't they nuke the Earth from the orbit as they left? Why leave the evidence of their defeat intact? That is a good question! The answer naturally is that the reptoids did not leave wishing any kind of good for men: instead they set loose a slow and horrible death for all human race. This inexorably advancing doom included AIDS, "Global Warming", television and the year 2012. The first would be an incurable disease that caused panic; the second would be an unstoppable environmental disaster, also generating constant low-grade worry and panic; the third would be a device that made people immobile, passive and unable to act against their fears; the four was the estimated year when the convergence of these parts would reach a level of such vibrating, oscillating terror and paranoia that it would cause the planet itself to burst into flame, speaking in the astral sense --- creating a conflagration of psychic energy that would permanently dislocate all souls from the human bodies, thus reducing humankind forever back to their brutish, unconscious animal status. The result would be a planet of mindless beasts; or in the case of a demon invasion, a planet of fiends with a free rein to play with the ruins of our civilization.

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last updated: (Mar 14 2011)