Enoch the Sun God

There was a sun-god called Enoch --- not Aten, but Enoch. Enoch is Hebrew, and means "the Illuminated One"; he lived as a mortal man for 365 years, a year for each day of the solar circumnavigation of the seasons, and then the Big God pulled him up and made him divine. He sat on the right-hand side of the Big God, and did come from time to time as a mortal man to mortal men to teach them wisdom. For this he was called by a name that translates to Greek as Metatron, "Beside the Throne"; and "the son of man".

Occasionally he did appear as an angel aflame; but as this was generally seen as a bad style choice and a publicity-hungry revamp that didn't respect the readers' attachment to the original, "classic" character, this form was dropped.

Mr. Enoch does not at this point wish to discuss possible copyright infringements by later parties, but does not rule out future litigation. Mr. Enoch's message for today is: "Enough already! Use your imagination, people, instead of ripping off honest, sorely underpublicized artists!"

In other news, Mr. B. Imhotep of the Church of Osiris has indicated a willingness to sue. The target is the Church of Yehoshua (Reformed Alexandrian Marcionite), who, according to Mr. Imhotep, did cause damages up to and exceeding 5,000,000 nosies to the Church of Osiris with their statement last Friday that "if there really are other religions with dying and rising saviors, they're diabolical abominable mockeries of Satan, who despite having horns and a laughter is in no way a nice guy!" The Church of Y. (R.A.M.) has declined to comment on the possible legal case.

Note: Before the birth of the Israelite religion, Enoch was known to the Egyptians as Cheops, a god of darkness that was said to have come down from the moon to rule men as a pharaoh. It is said the Great Pyramid is Cheops-Enoch's grave marker, though it is nothing more than a paw, a corner of the great buried twelve-pointed stone-of-moon which is the grave of the Black Pharaoh. If Egyptians had known of icebergs, they most probably would have used that figure of speech. (Metaphor? Simile? It is all highly symbolical!) The attentive reader may have noted nothing has been said of how Cheops was like Enoch; but for the good of our souls this part of the story must be taken on faith, for it is vitally important to know all there is to know of the Walking Enemy, he who was Cheops, Enoch, Pythagoras, Hermes Trismegistus, Elagabalus, Gauss and the wandering Hungarian with no home. It is he and his consort that are the Illuminati, the Dark Gods of the Sun, the enemies of all decent and god-fearing non-Communist people.

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)