Some misogyny

This is from the Testament of Rabhoh the Mad Mage, who was torn to pieces by a crowd of furious amazons --- amazons or amasons were a secret society of Bavarian women, so named because of their opposition to Freemasons ---

The first coming of Jesus was the second coming of Melchizedek, whose first coming was the second of Set, son of Adam. Adam's second wife was Eve; the first was Lilith, co-created with the first man himself, but too independent for his tastes.

Lilith consorted with Sammael, a son of Yahweh: their eldest son was Amalek, the last of whose giant breed was Goliath, killed by David who was to be king. The oldest child of Lilith and Sammael was a daughter, Canana, from whom the Queens of Sheba and Cittilittir trace their descent, and whose distant daughter was the queen that ensorcelled Solomon, successor of David.

Two men only have been taken up to God alive: Elia and Enoch; all others have gone to the shadow which is below. No woman will ever be so lifted, so say I, Rabhoh the Mage, for those of Lilith's descent will not love Yahweh; and those of Eve's descent are animals, meant for the breeding of men, and are not ensouled beings.

As Yahweh has his Asherah, the mindless idiot vortex of procreation, the pit for the staff of Yahweh, the sheath for his potent sword, so do men have their women. As Yahweh loves his sons so should men love their male children; but like Yahweh spits on Asherah, so should men disdain their wives, for their generative aspect is the only good thing in them. And like Yahweh is beset by the danger of his daughters, wilful and wild, so should men always be watchful of their daughters, for they are a constant whisper of ruin.

(To this the commentator Tubal-Lollop adds, "According to folk wisdom, Rabhoh married seventy-seven times." To this the commentator Susan of Thundermountain adds, "Really? I would never have guessed.")

Truly, as there is Satan, the chief counselor of Yahweh, and the devil's advocate for all his plans, so there are the children of Satan: by adoption, not by generation, for they are all the daughters of Yahweh. Their work is doubt and confusion, as is the work of their master; but they take too much delight in their work.

The sons of Yahweh bred with mortal women in the days long past, and at times still do, though now their children are monstrous and misshapen, for the line of mortals has deviated much from the perfection of Adam and Eve.

The daughters of Yahweh seldom meet mortal men; and only thrice has there been a child of such a union. One was Brutus, the Roman betrayer, the most despicable man that ever lived; one was Judas, who betrayed the savior of the Galileans, and thus made sure there would be no kingdom of Yahweh on earth; and the third was Paul Arius Marcion Gruad, whose folly completed the ruin Judas's betrayal had began.

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