DIY Embalming Podcast #003: Cats

08 May 2009

Not yet net hits --- not yet, maybe not ever.

But I wouldn't be terribly surprised if something like these came to be.

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"Soviet Colostomy Bags" Flickr pool

Quiz: Which Nobel Economics Prize Winner are you???

DIY Embalming Podcast #003: Cats


"So, okay, first some feedback we've got. Apparently Frankie over in Decatur had a problem with drying, and his pup sort of went up in flames. Frankie, you're absolutely right we should have stressed the importance of never using open fire to dry anyone or anything you've stuffed up, since most formaldehyde-soaked carcases ---"

"Carcases! Ha ha!"

"Right, Eliza, carcases --- eh eh --- yeah, fleshbags are kinda funny, yeah, but they can be pretty flammable in formaldehyde, so careful with open fire, everyone! And --- do we have any urgent news items, Eliza?"

"Ooh! We do!"

"Righty-o! There have been a lot of calls for a vidcast, and later this week you should check the feed for a special episode --- well, it's a sad occasion really. Eliza's aunt... um, elderly, sick aunt in Cleveland, um..."


"Yeah, aunt Martha had a budgie that kicked it, so we're filming our very first vidcast on "Fluffing Up Polly!"; don't miss it! But now to our lesson for today --- after it, we have a couple of killer promos ---"

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"Unable to execute CSS nasal commands. iSmell or equivalent nasal emitter was not detected; please press F5 to retry or any other key to disable this feature."

"If you are asthmatic, pregnant or prone to strong allergic reactions, use the iSmell nasal rods only in one nostril at a time to prevent undesirable side effects."

Poll: "Do you think the Internet is... a) Good for you b) Poison c) Don't use it d) Haven't heard of it"

"Is Hitler still dead?" updates on Twitter

15 minutes ago from TweetMetery: "Yes."

about 2 hours ago from web: "Yes. (just a squirrel)"

about 3 hours ago from web: "Wait..."

about 4 hours ago from TwitCentral: "Yes."

Kitty litter box webcam, with comments!

"I Love Liverwurst" Forum (R-rated)


  • Help on building a wurst-tub (page: 1 2 3)
  • Feels so good on my skin
  • Got called a pervert today (page: 1 2)
  • Would you call this pic "racy"? (page: 1 2 3 4 5)
  • Does any actually eat the stuff?

"The dead cells that have flaked off me would make a ball this big" blog widget (accurate for people with average metabolism)


BobAccounting07 has joined the clan "Undisclosed travel expenses or hara-kiri!"

IlyanaMarketing got pwned by a revenue ogre.

MattCEO has respawned.

MattCEO has been gruesomely butchered by DylanIT of the clan "Disgruntled Cuboids".

Isthisstainonmywallgettingbigger's Youtube channel (16 videos)

The Cats That Scream "F---k" Webcomic

(Basically, lolcats with a one-word vocabulary. For those who think lolcats are elitist.)

Home Surgery and Ethanol Homeopathy Blog

Double Whammy! (posted by SurgeonSergeant)

Your tip for today --- alcohol-diluted homeopathic medicines, in addition to their incredible medical qualities and nice taste, are handy for sterilizing your scalpels. Just don't get too carried away "medicating" yourself and the scalpels before cutting into your thigh! You don't want to do something dumb!

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Donald Duck Continuity Problems Wiki

To new contributors: The works of Barks and Don Rosa are not considered as they are "simple". Rather this wiki is devoted to a serious and sober search for plausible ways how --- to give just one example out of thousands! --- in Bat-Duck #119 "Quack-Quatchmen to the rescue! Donald meets the Blotschach!" Donald's father is shown with an eyepatch, while in Amazing Duck Annual #53 (the one-page strip "Meat Cleaver Follies") he is clearly shown as much older, and with both eyes working! The ten best current ideas for solving this apparent lapse can be found from the page the Flagrant Eye-Patch Problem; we're anxious to hear your speculation!

Mother Teresa erotic fan fiction archive

(Sorry. No. Just no.)

(Don't think about the subject. And don't Google for ---)

(Damn you, Rule 34! Damn you!)

(No. No links for you. You can still survive this.)

Electricity Skeptic Mailing List

Headlines for this week:

  • Electricity Skeptic World Congress says: "We are not deniers; there are plenty of questions the so-called 'Theory of Electricity' can't answer!"
  • Alex Rooster reports on how the scientist cabal stole his non-electric mobile phone
  • Part 13 of "His eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet are like fine brass: MJ-12, Intelligent Sparking, and the Protocols of Zion" by Stoolie Narc
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