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12 Sep 2008

"This is the post you made, is it not?"

I nodded. The policeman was indeed correct: a few days before (though it seemed longer) I had vomited that snarky little comment to a forum topic about Firefly.

The policeman made a mark in his notepad and looked back at me. "Now. I think we can both agree this would be rather... remarkable... if it was a coincidence, don't you agree?"

I tried to think of something to say, but couldn't. Surely it was a coincidence, nothing more, but...

My words winked at me from the printout --- the stupid afterthought in parentheses.

(Oh, what I wouldn't give to let this be the last post on the subject!)

The policeman was frowning now. I shuddered as he spoke again. "Now, three days ago you made that posting, and as far as we know, that was the last thing anyone said on the Internet about anything. At that very moment Internet froze. Nothing new can be added to it. In some very complicated way it seems to now be full."

"Curious that it would happen with a post like that. We've decided to keep you here for a bit longer, just for questioning and safety."

I knew the safety bit was both "safe from me" and "me being safe" --- I could still hear the angry chanting of keyboard-waving bloggers surrounding the building.

Growing angrier every moment because they couldn't share that protest with others.

Ah well.

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