God knows all

27 Aug 2007

Scene: The Garden of Eden. Adam is gazing happily at the sky, and God is gazing back.

Adam: It is a wonderful day, o Lord.

God: Oh?

A: The slight wind, and the smell of flowers, and the buzzing of the, um the...

He thinks for a moment.

A: Those buzzing things... If only there was a better way to remember things than by my poor old head... oh! Bees. The buzzing of the bees. So peaceful and nice.

G: Good to hear that.

A: You have indeed made a wonderful place, o Lord, and I can feel nothing but humble love that you have let us two live in here.

G: Uh-huh.

A: There is no better place for an eternal life!

There is a great snort from the heavens.

A: Sorry, o Lord?

G: Uh, nothing. Go on, please.

A: Though I am but a weak and imperfect reflection of you, o Lord, I shall always do my best to obey your every command ---

G: Hee hee.

A: --- but even should I fail, or misinterpret your meaning ---

G: Eh eh eh.

A: --- I shall rely on your infinite love and forgiveness.

G: You're killing me, Adam.

Adam is puzzled.

A: I understand not, o Lord.

G: Don't worry about it. You cannot see the world, its past and its future, as I do. But forgive me, o First of Men --- I shall have to leave for a while, eventhough I am always here.

A: I love you, o Lord. Bye.

G: Bye.

There is much less presence. Adam picks up a blade of grass and munches on it. It tastes sweet. Soon after Eve arrives, telling of a fruit of even better taste.

In the wind, one can hear echoes of malevolently omniscient sniggering.

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