Erisiana & LIGHTBOOK

You can find the Principia Discordia and other Discordian books and booklets and inscribed toilet-stall-walls elsewhere; they are profound, poetic and bring tears to your eyes without the application of onions; but here you can find those Discordian volumes that gain their special power, potency, profundity and importance from the supremely unique fact that I did write them.

By which I mean the Goddess She wrote them, through me. What dick jokes are in, are probably my unique contribution; I am a dick for Eris, and a scrotal sac for the weight of her glories, a baculum for her flood of wisdom. That is all.

> > > Erisiana (pdf) < < <

First is a holy book with more Goatse jokes than the Bible, and more penguins than the Quran. It's nothing as good and numinous as the Principia Discordia — Erisiana, the Book of Crap Concerning Eris, is its name.

> > > Manual of the Light Warrior (pdf) < < <

Second is the Manual of the Light Warrior (of the light entertainment division); a book more tightly focused though not better than the first one. It has Discordian games in it. Have at thee!

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(Never say I made this hard for you.)

[the Sacred Chao: or, Hodge and Podge intertwined and apple- and pentagon-decorated]


Predictions about the future, as every respectable religion has these. Unfortunately these are a bit old, and some of the predictions for 2009 and 2010 have to be interpreted as metaphorical references to astral fluctuations. The rest will happen exactly as written, though.
last updated: (Jul 01 2011)