The Triple Leg Drop of Humanity

It has been said (by Mezame Yoshi among others),

"Our leaders are villains. They do not believe the noble idols they preach. This all is evident in their actions: what they do and what they do not do are better understood through their endless hunger of power and money than through an analysis of the various hatreds and morals they use as their instruments for acquiring and perpetuating that power and money. They do not give true choices to the people, for they know a large fraction of those people would at the drop of a penny prefer a communist rule over fundamentally corrupt and injust capitalism."

The same is said in the communist world, also, except with this modification: "prefer a capitalist rule over fundamentally corrupt and injust communism."

This is also said, though less often:

"Our people are sheep. Their ideas and ideals are shallow and childish. They do not understand how their government works, and hence they are cynics, or idealists; both are frustrated at every turn. This they turn to hatred of various imaginary enemies: the System, the Other Party, the Government, the Conspiracy --- never do they see that it is their own stupidity, cowardice and abandonment of responsibility that brings the endless corruption and injustice upon them.

"Those of them that go into politics either are crushed by their folly (if they are idealists), or slowly become the very thing they hated (if they are cynics). The political machine or the media are not what's keeping the people down; it's the people that are keeping the machine and the media up."

This is an opinion, too:

"You are just as bad as I, or anyone else. Even if you're not one of the sheep, or of the blindly single-minded ones, you still are just one person. No, not even that: you are a part of mankind. Without it, you would be nothing. You cannot insulate yourself from the follies of us all. They permeate the society, and you, for you are a part of it.

"All the lies and misconceptions and wrong ways of looking at things and reacting to them are fed to you from the cradle, and even unto the grave. Everything you are told is on some level wrong, wicked or absurd; often all three. Everything you are taught to do, think and feel is either grossly too general, or laughably too detailed. You can break free of some of these fetters, but there's a million of them, and everyone around you is bound by most of them.

"It gets worse, too: you are a creature of deeply flawed perception and analysis. Your very mind conspires to make a fool of you at every turn. You cannot trust your eyes; they are not cameras but fairly lazy sketch artists. You cannot trust your ears; they will hear what you are used to hearing.

"You cannot trust any of your senses; and you surely cannot trust the supposed homunculus inside your skull to process their information accurately. Your memory errs, forgetting and changing supposed eternal memories all the time; your detection of causes and patterns is laughably faulty.

"Even when you manage a bit of logic, the complexity of anything real thwarts you: in simplification you are misled, in complexity confused.

"Even if you think you understand the world, there is no way to be certain. There is not, and never will be, any scroll or touchstone that would say: 'You are right', and that you could trust."

There is some truth in all of this. Some untruth, too.

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)