Non-destructive discord

O Eris, are ye not ang---

Stop with the archaisms.

Sorry. Eris, are you not angry about this movie?

What movie?

This one... Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Which has you as a fairly malevolent blue-skinned worker of destruction. Who cackles and plots and commands monsters and all.

What's wrong about that?

Eris! Wasn't this all supposed to be about being for non-destructive disorder and order, and against the destructive portions of the both?

What? Do you remember me being called "a goddess of non-destructiveness"? Eris, the goddess of non-destructiveness? The stupidest thing I've ever heard.

But... but the movie's a blasphemy.

Chill, mortal. Jesus didn't get such a good picture either.


The Mel Gibson Passion movie. Think of it: you're a Jewish preacher of imminent apocalypse and the necessity of quick fixes in behavior, and two thousand years later some schmuck is making a movie where you're a literal Son of God of a New Religion, giving laws for everyday life in a lasting world. And no apocalypse nowhere! It's enough to make a yarmulka curdle!

No-one told me anything about this!

And boom! there goes your peace of mind. Would a goddess of non-destructiveness have done that, huh?

Please! Eris! Seriously, this is really bothering me.

Okay, mortal mine. If there's order and chaos, you can't expect the goddess of chaos to hold a part of order, and not hold a part of chaos. That's just stupid.

Or maybe discordant...?

No. Just stupid. Go worship Anodyn the god-being of bland and non-destructive things if it better fits thee. And now begone, ye wretch; I'm not the one you should see if you want to put your thoughts in order, okay?

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)