History: To-do

To be researched:

  • Pre-Columbian Aztlan: Echopochtli, the blue-skinned goddess of storms who lives in a golden garden?
  • the Viking goddess Idu; another golden apple!
  • Antarctica / Arctic / Siberia --- research the "so cold piss tinkles on hitting the ground" myth. (Not related to Eris.)
  • Easter Island; persistent rumors of a statue that was erected upside down. Too random to be anything but Eris!
  • Australia: kangaroos, drop bears, vegemite --- very clearly not Concordia's domain!
  • tierra del fuego (2005)
  • whales, dolphins, narwhals
  • "mongolian death worm" --- so far have failed to find anything that relates this national beast to Eris. This is extremely suspicious.
  • Tibet (c'mon, every conspiracy theory has Tibet in it. And wasn't there this mountain-climber's wild tale of a yeti carrying an immense yellow sphere --- what was that all about? Also Tibet reputedly home to exiles of Mu, the lost continent --- "mu" also a Zen term for "your question is unanswerable; now bugger off" --- also persistent tales of mountains higher than Everest in Chinese Tibet --- given the existence of satellites improbable unless the mountains are retractable.)
  • Egypt has pyramids. Atlantis had, by all accounts, pyramids, possibly even golden ones. (Unrelated to the "Golden Pyramid" sex position.) How likely then that Egypt = Atlantis? The Bible has a story of a fatal Red Sea flooding involving Egyptians... suppose it is a downplayed version?
  • Any truth to the tale the LHC is shaped like a circle, with two other underground structures making it like an apple with a leaf and a stem?
last updated: (Mar 14 2011)