Kai diairei kai basileue

The following inscription, in uneasy Classical Greek, was unearthed during the renovations of the Basgame Hall of the University of Oklahoma; it is thought to date back 40 years at most. Who wrote it there, on a wall covered by another in the bowels of a vast and dusty dormitory when (presumably) the building was still being built --- well, no-one knows.

Some suspect a student, though.

Despoena Eris Pandemos Panoptes Daduchos Epidotes Androgynaecothoenas Ichnaea Limnaeus, Cupid kai Psyche Chthonios, khaire, hysteron proteron: gnothi seauton, gynai nous, gynai psykhes latreion, kai diairei kai basileue.

("The Mistress Eris, of All Folk, and All-Seeing, Bringer of the Flamewar, She Who Gives Freely, Yet Seldom Receives, the Dare-Googler, the Friend of Fora and Blogs, the Love and Mind Seldom Seen, hail! Forthwith to the matter: Know thyself, you mind, you latrine of the soul, and divide and rule!")

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)