History: China

In the Greco-Bactrian kingdom of Alexander's heirs (where today Afghanistan broods) she was known as Roxana Pandemos or "Roxana of the People"; the original Roxana was Alexander's wife. Adoration of her, and horror felt at her barbaric un-Grecian ways, merged with the Greek cult of Eris to form this tempestuous goddess of whims and variable fortune.

Her cult was eventually carried under that name to far Cathay, or China, as Daxia Ro Sa, though she was already known there as Ye He, the Ninth Bamboo Celestial Concubine of the Heavenly Kingdom. This duplication resulted in the well-known cult of Double Trouble, blamed by many for such "folklore-fueled" disasters as the Boxer Rebellion (1898--1901), and the decidedly tyrannic and bizarre, though brief, reign of the Mongolian warlord and "god-king" Un Derpantsu (1914--1915). Worst of all, some perversion of this originally beautiful and serene cult resulted in the founding of the Tama Lakan monastery that came to house theĀ  Goatse Lama and his followers, of which the less is said, the better.

(The curious may consult p. 133 ff. of Erisiana for more of this pest, but it is not advised.)

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