History: Vandalia

To the Germanic people of the northlands, her name was Urbitsch. One particular Germanic tribe of the period of Rome's fall, the Vandals, took up her worship from the ruin of some Roman metropolis, and carried her images with them through Gaul and Hispania, and established beneath her flags the brief-lived Vandal kingdom of Carthage.

For thirty-five years a mere mention of the golden orb and the five-fingered black hand of the Vandal flag were enough to loosen bowels everywhere on the Western Mediterranean; in 455 the Vandal navy landed in Italy, and looted Rome itself. The city was spared total destruction because of the bravery of Pope Leo, who challenged Genseric, the Vandal leader, to a coin-flipping contest which the devout Erisian could not refuse. Leo's losing score of 3-4 was close enough for pillage to be permitted, but no murder, burning or universal buggery was done, and after three days the Vandals departed in a nice disorderly manner.

The Vandal kingdom met its end in 534, defeated and destroyed by the Byzantines after many tries and many great defeats; it is said the last words of Gelimer, the last Supreme Vandal to lead a nation under that express title, were "Vicisti, Discordia" --- or "You have won, Eris, you bitch"; the Vandals were not blind to the nature of their goddess.

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