History: Greece

The character known as "Eris" first surfaces in the Early Grecian Period, being worshipped as a Goddess of Discord. Her attributes in this instance are well known, including her famous appearance in the tale of the Apple of Discord, and her various progeny; for these, the reader is directed to this extract from the early chapters of Erisiana.

There has been much debate over whether there existed a more concentrated cult of Eris, perhaps something like the mystery cults of Mithras and Xenu. Though one or the other party of this debate now and then declares victories and final solutions, no consensus seems to take hold.

(On one hand, Demikristo, a late Roman alchemical writer, or someone writing under his name, blamed the Roman historian Suetonius for "injuring the Erisian cult and revealing its secrets for no good reason"; apparently the work that contained entirely too many details was an appendix of Suetonius's Lives of Famous Whores, now sadly lost. On the other hand, Demikristo also rages against such confirmed figments of his imagination as the Atlantean Enlightened Ones, who are fictitious and do not exist.)

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