Pink litmus paper shirt

Religions generally tend to choose a side that is all compassion, light, love, justice, order and the like. This is generally thought to be hopelessly wishful thinking: if there is some agency controlling the world, it surely is totally bereft of all compassion, light, love, justice, order and the like. Or at the very least a very confused and schizophrenic agency with heavy mood swings and a really black sense of humor. Like crows drowning in an oilslick in the middle of the night black. During a solar eclipse. And a rainstorm. Of, like, black water. That is polluted and matte or something.

The question to ask, then, is what is left? And the answer is, disorder! Chaos! Twilight (not the book), frenzy, crazy random happenstance, blind pitiless indifference and cackling maniac laughter at the skies! And that means Eris, Goddess of Disorder, Vice Goddess of Chaos, Keeper of the Chaopies, Instigator of Bureaucracy and Its Downfall, Magnante Maiora Mater, She of the Golden Apple --- the only god that fits this world of ours.

Well, it's that on the theism front or then the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, or some other game of silly buggers used by irreverent atheists to make fun of the conventions of the religious, and who'd ever want to engage in something so foul? Much better to worship a real goddess whose dogma is to irreverently make fun of the conventions of the religious. Like it is sung in a Beatles song, "Pink litmus paper shirt, nurse nurse, we must hide it, the apostle's gone, oh oh."

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)