St. Confusius

It is common Erisian dogma that there shall be no religious organization larger than a single Erisian and Eris herself, or in extreme cases just the former. Also, there is something about hot dogs and big buns, which sounds vaguely dirty. Also you get into trouble trying to shoe-horn order into things: the more order you push, the greater the disorder will be when things fall apart. Then there's some hairy Atlantean called Gruad. And some fifth thing. This is the general dogma of the Discordians according to St. Confusius.

That is still not quite as confused as the account of St. Cyril, according to whom Discordians worship a dog-god called Dogpa, whose edicts are enforced by his vicious wife Dogma. According to Cyril, Dogpa is a barking mad deity, but no better than the claw-happy Catma, the evil she-dragon of the world sea, Dogpa's immortal enemy. This is all wrong and extraordinarily confused, and liable to lead an aspiring Discordian to Perdition, AK, where St. Cyril of Albuquerque (True Unrepentant Pure One Divine Original Uncorrupt Fundamentalist Church Catholic Universal and Holy, pop. 1) currently resides.

last updated: (Mar 14 2011)